Can Tyler Henry From Life After Death Use His Abilities to Pick a Partner?

Can Tyler Henry From Life After Death Use His Abilities to Pick a Partner?

More often than not, we find the child inside us wishing we had magical abilities. Every adult had wished for abilities that would allow us to make the right choice. These choices vary from a decision regarding your education or career, or one involving the people you surround yourself with. Having the intuition that ensures you’re making the right choice would be marvelous, to say the least. Well, what if we told you that there is a man out there who claims that he does, in fact, possess this ability? This man is none other than Tyler Henry from Life After Death.

Find here all he has to say about this.

Wait, who exactly is Tyler Henry?

If you’re from the American subcontinent, you definitely might have come across this man’s name. Tyler Henry is a popular American clairvoyant. The popular clairvoyant started out by doing readings for Hollywood celebrities on the show Hollywood Medium. As of now, he has decided to bring his abilities to the common man.

Henry currently features in a Netflix series called Life After Death, where he proves to people that there actually is more to life after a person’s death. While he has been accused of being a con artist, Henry still retains his popularity, as is evident from the success of the Netflix Original.

However, if his abilities are real, the natural question is- does it give him the ability to ensure he is making the right choice for his future self?

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Can this clairvoyant use his abilities to pick out partners and friends?

Many a time, people find themselves putting all of their time and energy into a relationship and realizing later on that it wasn’t worth it. Be it romantic or platonic, all of us at some point have let people into our lives and later wish we hadn’t.

Well, the “all” here doesn’t include Tyler Henry. In an interview with ET Online, Henry opened up about his boyfriend. He mentioned how his “ability and intuition” has helped him. Henry said, “(it) has allowed me to get a sense of who I resonate with and who I don’t.” Continuing, he mentioned how this has proven to be “immensely valuable” in helping him understand “who’s a likely candidate for a long-term relationship or a long-term friendship.”

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Currently, there is no scientific backing of the claims Tyler Henry has made. However, considering how he has been in a relationship with his boyfriend, Clint for over 5 years, the formula certainly seems to be working. Stream Life After Death on Netflix to see more of the man’s abilities.

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