‘Life After Death’ on Netflix: The Harsh Truth of Tyler Henry’s Mother, Theresa

‘Life After Death’ on Netflix: The Harsh Truth of Tyler Henry’s Mother, Theresa

If you are streaming Tyler Henry’s new Netflix show, Life After Death with Tyler Henry, we would like to give you some hints beforehand. You will feel the psychic is too strong when the medium to the stars is on screen. The show also highlights cold read and emotions flowing down your eyes. But the show, Life After Death with Tyler Henry is not at all just about this. It also involves a true crime, which happens with Henry’s grandmother. He wants to solve the case from his family’s past from his gift.

At the end of the television show, you will get to know Tyler’s mother Theresa is adopted by her family. She found out about this secret two years ago, and after that, she was searching for answers. She didn’t grow up with a family with the same genes, which give a sigh of relief. Because Theresa’s adopted mother is a murderer. So, the woman who Theresa believed as her mother has served thirty years in prison. Right now, Theresa and Tyler Henry are looking for answers about their ancestral family. After episode 4, the show revealed the inner story of Henry’s family.

Tyler Henry’s Grandmother’s Murder Case

Tyler Henry’s grandmother, Stella, has two kids of her own, Peter and Felicia. When they were very young, Stella stole a newborn from the hospital and brought the girl child to California. She declares to Peter and Felicia that the newborn girl child, Theresa, is their sister. She even forged her medical certificate. Stella was involved in many types of crimes, starting from stealing to being an abusive mother. She even forced Peter, Felicia, and Theresa and various cons that she’d run on trusted members of her church.

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Recently, they did a DNA test, when Theresa found out she was not biologically related to her mother and her siblings.

Stella’s crime list increased as days passed by. She killed Judy Wang, the owner of the Fowler Motel, and Wang’s boyfriend, Wai Lee. She even involved her son, Peter, in order to bury the bodies of Judy Wang and Wai Lee. Stella got arrested for the murder of two murders and they charged Peter as the accessory of the murder.

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