Is Tyler Henry a Con Artist? Check This Reddit Claim About ‘Life After Death’ on Netflix

Is Tyler Henry a Con Artist? Check This Reddit Claim About ‘Life After Death’ on Netflix

What do you think, is it possible to talk to someone who has passed away? Netflix is bringing a show featuring Tyler Henry, a popular American clairvoyant, named Life After Death.

Tyler Henry was the host of Hollywood Medium, a television show where Henry did readings for Hollywood celebrities. But now he is all set to share his unique gift with the regular people of America. Following the release, many questioned the authenticity of Tyler’s gift, wondering if he is just a highly practiced con artist.

A huge debate is going on if he really talk to the people who are dead or not. It’s natural to doubt Tyler because it’s not every day that you come across someone who claims to be a clairvoyant. That said, why are some people convinced that the psychic-medium is a con artist? Let’s find out.

Life After Death in Netflix: Is Tyler Henry a real medium?

At the end of the day, it depends upon how much you will believe when coming down to psychics Many mediums have different tricks and illusions to show that they have the power to communicate with people who passed away. These include cold reading, subtly getting information from the client and prior research. Suffice to say, there are various ways to coax their clients.

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Now, let’s discuss why Tyler Henry can be a con artist?

  • Tyler Henry used to read for celebrities, and finding information about western celebrities is not so hard, in the internet’s age. He claims he doesn’t know the millennial culture. But many a time there were some slip-ups in front of the camera that suggested otherwise.
  • Most of the time, he offers his clients comforting generalizations, without any conclusion.
  • He has a very manipulative personality. He always gets out from his clients what he really wants to know.
  • There is no science behind his psychic knowledge.

Fans reaction to Life After Death With Tyler Henry

On the Reddit platform, a user posted a question: “Why does Netflix give con artists a platform? “Life After Death with Tyler Henry”. Following the post, viewers from all around the world shared their reactions to the show.

One fan commented, “It’s called cold reading. Watch some Derren Brown. He shows how those scams work.”

Another one wrote, “My mom has paid to see him so many times”, with a sad emoji.

Another one replied, “America loves con artists and serial killers…”

So, is Tyler Henry a con artist? Reddit surely seems to think so. Could he be a real psychic? Well, that depends on your beliefs. What about you? Do you think he is a quack or the real deal? Comments down below.

2 thoughts on “Is Tyler Henry a Con Artist? Check This Reddit Claim About ‘Life After Death’ on Netflix

  1. Reply
    April 2, 2022 at 7:38 am

    Tyler Henry seems the real deal. He gives information that only close family would really know and not found on the net.
    The one who is a scammer is John Edward who gives out general questions and info such as “does anyone here know someone whose name starts with the letter B”? That could be anyone in the room. Whereas Tyler gives truly personal info that would be impossible to find on the internet.

  2. Reply
    April 7, 2022 at 2:45 pm

    It amazes me that anyone believes this – I have seen more convincing mentalist in action and they don’t claim to talk to the dead. There are multiple large money pools available to anyone who can provide evidence of the paranormal. Test this guy under scientific scrutiny and see how he goes.

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