Can Netflix Weekly Episodes Release Replace the Present Binge-Model for Some Shows?

Can Netflix Weekly Episodes Release Replace the Present Binge-Model for Some Shows?

If you’re one of those people who can’t watch a season of ten episodes in a row, this may be good news for you. These days, Netflix is breaking its own rules by releasing weekly episodes or splitting a season into two parts. As they did with fan-favorite Money Heist and are doing with Stranger Things.

There are numerous platforms that generate a wide variety of content for the audience. However, it can be difficult to catch up at times. Because in today’s world of lightning-fast internet, spoilers travel faster than the wind. As a result, following a major release, people avoid Twitter, Reddit, and other social media platforms in order to avoid spoilers. Netflix is changing its style to prevent this from happening. Also, to encourage you, the audience, to spend more time on the streaming website.

Netflix evolving over time

It was a revelation to viewers who had previously binged-watched programs on DVD when Netflix began releasing whole seasons of original shows. However, over time, things have changed, and it now releases one episode every week for most of its foreign content. Fans of shows like Vincenzo and Hospital Playlist, for example, used to count down the days until the new episode of their favorite Korean dramas aired.

Weekly episodes won’t save us from the never-ending content avalanche, but they will help us take a breather. We may be more likely to do something more constructive or simply watch something different. If we don’t have the option of binge-watching a season in one sitting.

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Splitting final seasons into two parts

Netflix has been experimenting with different release schedules recently. Last year with Money Heist and this year with Stranger Things and Ozark. It is attempting to acclimate the viewers to the change. Not only Netflix, but other streaming services such as Hotstar and Amazon have recently made significant changes to their release schedules.

It’s reassuring to see that these service providers are recognizing the audience’s urge for more balance. And the old ways were not all meant to be thrown away. What do you think is the best way to watch a series: binge-watching or watching one episode per week?

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