Will ‘The Last Kingdom’ season 5 be the last of Aelswith? Eliza Butterworth shares interesting details

Will ‘The Last Kingdom’ season 5 be the last of Aelswith? Eliza Butterworth shares interesting details

We all have been aware of the show and waiting eagerly for The Last Kingdom season 5. Some of the lead characters from the show have a dramatic ending, such as Aelswith. She has come a long way from misleading the wife to King Alfred to a reluctant ally with Uhtred. But, we have been wondering what comes next for her?

The ending of The Last Kingdom season 4 was quite dramatic. Aethelhelm has poisoned Aelswith, and she was in dire peril. As Aethelhelm has poisoned her, we have been concerned that they might not see her in Season 5. But to our surprise; we saw Aelswith played by Eliza Butterworth in the promo. Butterworth teases the fan with a little sneak peek of season 5. In a conversation with Cool America Magazine, Eliza Butterworth claims, “Filming season 5 was so electrifying. Lady Aelswith becomes more of a heroic character. [She] finds herself in situations she could never imagine and so has to take action where possible concerning the protection of her family.”

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Will Aelswith be in Seven Kings Must Die?

The Last Kingdom will conclude with a film, titled Seven Kings Must Die. The production and filming of the film are still underway. So, we guess, we have to wait for a little bit more for the film to release. In conversation with The Lincolnite, Butterworth explains, “It was such a thrill to get to go [to Hungary]. Budapest is the most beautiful city with so much going on. The Hungarian people are wonderful, and it’s just a really vibrant place to work. It’s heartbreaking to potentially say goodbye to it.” With this hint, we don’t Aelswith will make it till the end of the season. She might survive the poisoning of Aethelhelm, but sticking to the film is looking quite hard.

She even made her tribute on her Instagram page to the actors of the show and also the creator.

At last, the filming and production of The Last Kingdom Season 5 have wrapped up its branches and finally settled over. Unfortunately, we still don’t have an official release date for the new season. But we can confirm, season 5 will hit the screen in May 2022.

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