“Hold on to your hankies”: James Northcote Warns Us About the Deaths in ‘The Last Kingdom’ Season 5 – Who All Will Die?

“Hold on to your hankies”: James Northcote Warns Us About the Deaths in ‘The Last Kingdom’ Season 5 – Who All Will Die?

Final seasons are always a big deal. A lot is riding on this particular season; otherwise, all the hard work of the past season will go in vain. Writers try their best to make the last season of the series as unpredictable and remarkable as possible. And from comments from the cast about The Last Kingdom season 5, the final season will be a real historical one (pun intended).

James Northcote who plays Aldhelm in the series talked about his role in an interview. He also shared that the last season will blow people’s minds.

A lot of deaths in The Last Kingdom season 5

The Last Kingdom is already a violent enough show to have a TV-MA rating. Fans consider the show to be the perfect blend between Vikings and Game of Thrones.

However, it looks like for its fifth and final season showrunners are raising it up a notch. In an interview while talking about the final season and what the fans can expect, Actor James Northcote said that there are going to be a lot of deaths. The actor further says that it is a great thing as “with death comes drama.”

Moving on, the actor says that people will not be able to believe their eyes when they see the characters who will lose their lives this season. He also says that some of the deaths are going to be really emotional so fans should keep a hanky in hand.

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“I think the fans of the show are going to be shocked, there’s definitely some surprises this year, and it’s a season that’s going to pull on your heartstrings. So hold on to your hankies,” is what the British actor had to say.

James on Alex’s directorial efforts

In The Last Kingdom season 5, Alexander Dreymon who plays Uhtred on the show also directed an episode for the season.

So when asked about Alex’s direction and James’ experience of the same, James said that it was an absolute pleasure and a joy to work with Alex.

He credited his co-star for having a holistic view of the show and his character, Uhtred, who is central to the show. He then said that his holistic point of view allowed him to find the most exciting version of the scene.

“And to be honest, the moment that you watch him step on set as Uhtred in a scene that he’s directing, your mind does slightly explode. Probably not as much as his does, but it’s a real kind of magic moment.” James also added about working with his crewmate on the episode.

The Last Kingdom season 5 will be premiering on the 9th of March. So be sure to keep your hankies handy.

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