Why You Must Watch the New K-Drama ‘Juvenile Justice’ on Netflix? What Is It About? Check Reviews, Cast, Synopsis, Trailer, and More

Why You Must Watch the New K-Drama ‘Juvenile Justice’ on Netflix? What Is It About? Check Reviews, Cast, Synopsis, Trailer, and More

Right on the heels of Twenty-five, Twenty-one, and Thirty Nine, Netflix dropped another Korean series, Juvenile Justice. The streaming giant wasn’t kidding when it unveiled the Kdrama lineup for its subscribers this year! So far the drama has been a breath of fresh air from the usual romance or slice of life dramas that mostly dominate Kdramaland. Writer Kim Min Seok and director Hong Kong Chan tackle a sensitive subject in Juvenile Justice. The 10 part series will feature 1 hour-long episode. 


The plot

Juvenile Justice follows a headstrong judge, Shim Eun Seok (Kim Hye Soo) who despises juvenile offenders. She is open about her dislike of the young offenders and never hides. Clearly, she is not a fan of the juvenile protection laws that states that young offenders cannot be jailed even if they commit murder.

Acting as an associate judge under presiding judge Kang Won Joong (Lee Sung Min) she is assigned the case of a young schizophrenic murderer. The boy claimed that he murdered and dismembered an 8-year-old. Eun Seok has reason to believe that the boy is taking the blame for someone else. According to the law, underage murderers can only receive a sentence up to 2 years. Her colleague, Cha Tae Joo (Kim My Yeol) decides to help her against Won Joong’s wishes. Won Joong wishes to wrap the case sooner to focus on his political career, but Tar Joo deeply cares about the delinquents. 

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The cast

  • Kim Hye Soo
  • Kim Mu Yeol
  • Lee Sung Min
  • Lee Jung Eun 
  • Park Ji Yeon
  • Park Jong Hwan 

Netflix Juvenile Justice reviews 

The Netflix show does not shy away from showcasing the brutality and cruelty that kids are capable of. Juvenile Justice makes it clear that few minors are not capable of feeling remorse. Some are sadistic and do it for fun. Leisurebyte writes, “Netflix show Juvenile Justice sends chills down your spine.” While Readysteadycut thinks “It’s an interesting season of television here, just one that can’t quite live up to its full potential.” Decider labels it as an “American-style procedural”.

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