Why Swap Shop on Netflix Should be on Your Watchlist?

Why Swap Shop on Netflix Should be on Your Watchlist?

Swap Shop is a fun Australian import about treasure hunters or you could say pickers who routinely listen to the radio broadcast that informs them about nearby sales or deals. The Netflix show has a lighthearted tone despite the haggling the pickers have to do to get a random artifact. The first season premiered on the streamer last year in November, and the second installment of the series dropped in February 2022. 

The swap shop will remind you of American Pickers and Pawn Stars. With each episode being under just 30 minutes, it is light and breezy for you to go on a treasure-hunting adventure with the folks. 

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Where viewers see junk, Swap Shop pickers see dollars

The show is thrilling as you get to dig deep into how the picking teams work to find random objects that could mint some for them. It requires speed, determination, and knowledge about the market prices to make collecting vintage items profitable. 

Pickers Paradise owners, Jen and Doug, show their experience as they are the first to arrive at an estate sale after hearing about it on the radio show. Having arrived first they call dibs on a vintage Lance cracker jar, a 1900s Fenton glassware, and a set of stoneware crocks. 

Apart from them, the show follows three other rag picking teams- Date and Scott, Bobby and partner JD, and brothers and auctioneers Sammie and Mark Isaacs. Dale and Scott are automotive enthusiasts who are interested in a barn-kept 1970 Plymouth GTX car. They were so taken with the vintage beauty that the duo chased down the buyer because they were late for the sale. Meanwhile, the other two bargain-hunting teams look for other valuable artifacts for resale at the estate. 

They make mistakes and regret their purchases as well. Mark and Isaacs are not sure whether the money they paid for the chest is worth it or not. They can only hope to get a return of $800 dollars on the item during the sale. 

After the success of reality shows like Love is Blind, which puts the contestants in pods, Swap Shop’s premise may seem less absurd in comparison. 

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