What Can These Four Comedians Do For ‘Standing Up’? Netflix Explores Their Journeys As They Juggle Through Life And Comedy

What Can These Four Comedians Do For ‘Standing Up’? Netflix Explores Their Journeys As They Juggle Through Life And Comedy

The glamorous life of stand-up comedians impressed us all, but no one is ready to look behind the struggle they did every day to have a stage for themselves. Netflix recently dropped a trailer of Standing Up on their YouTube channel, fans are going crazy to explore the film.

Standing Up is a Netflix series that explores the life of four comedians, who met at Drole regularly to practice their art. The show was created by Herrero, who has been known for his work in Call My Agent along with Hervé Lassïnce and co-written by Lassïnce, Eliane Montane, Judith Havas, Camille De Castelnau, and Lison Daniel. The stand-up writers from the show are Jason Brokerss, Fanny Ruwet, Shirley Souagnon, and Thomas Wiesel.

Let’s dig a little deeper for Standing Up on Netflix.

Standing Up release date

Netflix has officially confirmed that Standing Up is releasing on March 18th, 2022.

Is there a trailer for Standing Up?

Yes, there is a trailer for the show, which Netflix just dropped on February 15th, 2022. From the trailer, we can assume, the show will be intense, full of emotional turmoil which will help the comedians to make or break their careers.

The beginning of the trailer points out all the comedians in the show had to do odd jobs before they get a chance on the stage. One of the leads of the show says, “I’m poor. Being poor is not convenient. When I go to ATM, it tells me, “Sorry no money. Have a nice day.”

Check out the trailer below.

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The cast

There are four main protagonists of Standing Up. They are Mariama Gueye, Younes Boucif, Elsa Guedj, Jean Siuen.

What Standing Up is about?

The plot of the television show follows four artists Aïssatou, Nezir, Bling, and Apolline, from different backgrounds, who are trying to make a platform for them in the comedy world. They meet every day at Drole, a Parisian comedy club, to pursue their art and make people laugh. Living, just being a comedian, is hard, but humor allows them to live. They struggle every day and sacrificed their personal lives just for comedy.


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