Who Killed Marvelous Man? Was It Mind Master? The Guardians of Justice Ending Explained

Who Killed Marvelous Man? Was It Mind Master? The Guardians of Justice Ending Explained

If you’re familiar with the creator Adi Shankara, you’ll know that most of the movies or shows he produces aren’t exactly what’s common at the time. He strives to make his content stand out. The 37-year-old Indian-origin producer created The Guardians of Justice, a one-of-a-kind series that is part live-action and part animated. It is about The Guardians of Justice, as the title suggests, and how they save the world after their leader commits suicide.

A style that we’ve not witnessed before, The Guardians of Justice premiered on Netflix on March 1st, and those who binge-watched it are still waiting for explanations of what happened near the end. And we’ve got that explanation for you right here. Spoiler warning for those who haven’t started watching the show, watch it right now.

Knight Hawk investigates whether Marvelous Man committed suicide

He discovers Marvelous Man took his own life because he was gay and the world would never accept him, and he couldn’t live freely. Knight Hawk then blamed Mind Master because the former was investigating the latter. He discovered that Marvelous Man had asked Mind Master to steal the bullet, which he did. Both of them were dating, and when Mind Master realised Marvelous Man was about to end his life, he tried but failed to stop him. Knight Hawk recorded the entire scene and blamed Mind Master for the murder. This was a powerful and strong subject.

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Is Knight Hawk a fascist in Guardians of Justice?

When everyone was looking for Marvelous Man’s murderer, Knight Hawk interrogates each of the Guardians to get them on his side. Even Speed went on her own quest for the truth. When Mind Master dies, Knight Hawk uses his body to cultivate Mellow Devil in order to keep his army under his control. Anyone who does not agree with his methods had no place in his army.

Little Wing’s Truth

After learning the truth about Knight Hawk, Speed persuades Awesome Man to assist her in taking him down. He explains how Knight Hawk works for the greater good, but Speed isn’t convinced. After a hands-on battle with Speed and Hawk’s army, she finally reaches the boss level, Knight Hawk. During their battle, she receives a message from Awesome Man telling her to hurry to the portal so she can leave his base. When she arrives at the portal, Little Wings greeted her. Little Wing is actually Awesome Man in disguise. His mission was to bring Speed to an end if she hampered the greater good. As a result, despite his feelings for her, he chokes and murders her.

It is later revealed that Knight Hawk is collaborating with Addison Walker, who oversees a private army funded by large corporations. They could avert nuclear war by working together.

If you think we missed something in explaining The Guardians of Justice‘s climax, let us know in the comments.

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