Who Are the Roommates in ‘Worst Roommate Ever’ on Netflix? Know the Back Story of the Murders in the True Crime Docuseries

Who Are the Roommates in ‘Worst Roommate Ever’ on Netflix? Know the Back Story of the Murders in the True Crime Docuseries

Worst Roommate Ever is a new true-crime docuseries on Netflix. And if you’ve already seen the five-part series, you’ll understand how terrifying it is to have actually lived with those roommates, which is why the makers titled it Worst Roommate Ever. It is an anthology series that features four of the worst cases of roommates and events that occurred in North and South America.

This series, produced by Blumhouse Television, has episodes that range from 40 minutes to an hour. It will also keep you on the edge of your seat. Now we’ll help you decide whether to watch this crime series by walking you through all four crimes and criminals depicted in this series.

First episode of Worst Roommate Ever tells the story of somebody we can’t picture committing any crime

We would never have guessed a woman in her fifties would do such a heinous murder based on her appearance, but she did. In the 1980s, the so-called “Death House Landlady,” Dorothea Puente, murdered at least nine individuals.

Dorothea was prosecuted and convicted of unlawfully cashing 34 state and federal cheques that belonged to the tenets of her boarding house years before her reign of terror. She accepted mentally ill patients and addicts as tenets and stole their social security checks.

Episode 2 focused on the crimes of K.C. Joy

Maribel Ramos, a woman who took part in the Iraq war and went missing in Santa Ana, California in May 2013, was the subject of Episode 2. Her family reported her missing, prompting a friend to start a Yelp thread hoping to find her. One user wondered if the cops had questioned Ramos’ roommate, KC Joy. Joy then released information about the police investigation on the website, but he continued referring to Ramos in the past tense. K.C. Joy was placed under surveillance after her friends became suspicious of him, and they subsequently found him guilty of murdering Ramos.

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Youssef Khater, a marathon runner, attacked a college graduate

Youssef Khater was a member of a 12-person hostel in Chile. He was a marathon runner who had been sponsored to run the length of Chile in order to break a record. The money was genuine, but the individual was not. He not only took the money without running, but he also defrauded his housemates of cash. But it was his crimes against Callie Quinn, his roommate, that were the most heinous. Khater allegedly struck Quinn over the head with a toilet seat and buried her alive after offering to show her a new flat, allegedly because Quinn had told a friend that Khater owed her money. Quinn was saved, and Khater was imprisoned.

Jamison Bachman is the fourth and worst case

This guy actually inspired the makers to keep the series name as Worst Roommate Ever. Jamison would move in with others, whom he would subsequently try to evict or cause problems for by refusing to pay rent or leave. He was a serial sqautter. Bachman allegedly refused to pay rent and eventually became aggressive with at least four previous roommates.

They did not charge Bachman with the murder of his housemates, but they accused him with the murder of his brother, Harry Bachman. The court never heard the case because Bachman committed suicide in his cell at the Montgomery County Correctional Facility in December 2017.

So, what are your thoughts on the series? Watch the five-part docuseries on Netflix and let us know in the comments below.

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