What is ‘Worst Roommate Ever’ on Netflix all about? Check All The Details Here, And Should You Watch It?

What is ‘Worst Roommate Ever’ on Netflix all about? Check All The Details Here, And Should You Watch It?

We all claim to have had bad experiences with our roommates, but after watching the upcoming Netflix docuseries, Worst Roommate Ever,  this perception will change. Following the success of its true crime shows such as Wild Wild Country, The Sons of Sam: A Descent into Darkness, and Night Stalker: The Hunt For a Serial Killer, Netflix is ready to launch its new crime docuseries.

The first trailer for this spine-chilling true crime documentary focussed on roommate horror stories.The trailer begins with a woman’s voice crying and calling 911 for help, telling them she is terrified of her roommate. Then it goes on to explain how some people who appear to be fairly normal on the outside can be evil on the inside. The narrators tell their stories about how they were desperate for a roommate, which led to them experiencing some horrific events. They described the four criminals as nice, quiet, and fun to be around. In reality, they were con artists, psychopaths who cashed their victims’ checks.

Worst Roommate Ever Synopsis

According to the plot synopsis, these terrifying true stories will expose some of the most heinous cohabitation experiences imaginable. The series will revolve around four terrifying events, some of which occurred in the 1980s and left many people frightened for their lives.

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Worst Roommate Ever- watch it or leave it?

K.C. Joy, Dorothea Puente, Youssef Khater, and Jamison Bachman will be the subjects of this series, which will focus on four heinous crimes committed by them. This gripping series should be on the watch list of anyone who enjoys suspense and true crime shows. It will undoubtedly scare some viewers out of their wits.

Netflix and Blumhouse Productions have produced ‘Worst Roommate Ever’. The production house has also worked on films like Get Out and Split. This five-part miniseries will premiere on Netflix on March 1st.

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