When Lil Baby Ignored Questions About Grammy Winning Singer Billie Eilish and Kanye West

When Lil Baby Ignored Questions About Grammy Winning Singer Billie Eilish and Kanye West

Kanye West and his latest downward spiral resulted in a social media lockdown for the Grammy-winning rapper. After Kim Kardashian filed for a divorce towards the end of 2021, Kanye West developed a habit of constantly ranting on his social media accounts. And each day the internet would wake up to a surprise after the raper would suddenly open fire on another unexpecting celebrity. On one such social media escapade, Kanye West wrote tweeted about Lil Baby.

Lil Baby my favorite rapper but won’t do a song wit me,” wrote Ye on Twitter. Lil Baby, the upcoming star rapper at the moment who claimed to be unaware of Ye’s request at that time, ended up featuring in his song. The song in question is Hurricane which also featured The Weeknd and ended up winning a Grammy Award. However, before the Grammy win, Lil Baby was ignoring Kanye West. Amidst West’s very public mental breakdowns, Lil Baby decided that he did not want to associate with the drama.

What does Lil Baby’s role in the Kanye West and Billie Eilish drama?

Lil Baby is on a roll with his career. Additionally, the singer has two received BET awards. And was the Artist of the Year at the Apple Music Awards in 2020. His song Drip Too Hard received a Diamond certification from the Recording Industry Association of America. Given the fresh success, it is obvious that Lil Baby does not want to be involved in any unnecessary drama.

On an outing, Lil Baby was asked about the Kanye and Billie Eilish drama. And he did not pick sides. And instead in true Lil Baby style, the rapper yelledMe no hablo ingles!”. Moreover, Lil Baby was also set to perform at the Coachella this year. This also may have been a reason why he did not speak on the drama because Kanye West was threatening to cancel his Coachella performance if Billie Eilish did not release a public apology.

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This demand left the Internet confused as most of Ye’s posts do. Neither Billie Eilish nor Travis Scoot, who according to West was deeply hurt by Eilish said anything about each other.  Despite how bizarre it was, the Kanye West drama at the beginning of the year does not even come close to the controversy that the rapper is involved in at the moment.

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