Action-Packed Martial Arts Comedy Series With Hilarious Detectives Jackie Chan & Chris Tucker Is Now on Netflix

Action-Packed Martial Arts Comedy Series With Hilarious Detectives Jackie Chan & Chris Tucker Is Now on Netflix

Be it mind-blowing new releases or old movies that have stood the test of time, Netflix has an exclusive and impressively large catalog. We cannot talk about movies that have stood the test of time without also speaking about Jackie Chan. Jackie Chan and Chris Tucker’s evergreen franchise that is a family favorite, “Rush Hour,” is now on Netflix. Directed by the brilliant Brett Ratner ( The Family Man) and written by Ross LaManna, Rush Hour is a must-watch.

Rush Hour starring Jackie Chan is now streaming on Netflix

The OTT Mugal recently announced on its Facebook page that the iconic Jackie Chan and Chris Tucker movie will now be streaming on Netflix. Moreover, the streamer used the iconic ‘I am Yu and he is Mi’ scene to make the announcement. Moreover, the trilogy is also now available exclusively on Netflix.

What is ‘Rush Hour’ about? 

All three movies of the trilogy follow Chief Inspector Lee and Detective James Carter. Jakie Chan and Chris Tucker have made both the characters eternal. Furthermore, the first movie of the trilogy was released in 1998. It deals with the kidnapping of a Chinese diplomat’s daughter. He brings in Inspector Lee from Hong Kong. However, the FBI does not want to work with him and instead throws him off to the Los Angeles Police Department. At the LAPD, he works with Detective James Cater. Although the two of them work together in order to solve the case, they constantly lock horns. Over the course of the movie, Lee and James discover that they have both been ditched by their departments.

Action sequences that will leave your mouth gaping and humor that will have you rolling on the floor are what Rush Hour franchise is made up of. Furthermore, in order to adhere to the American audiences, many jokes from Jakie Chan’s older movies have been remade. The second part of the trilogy was the most financially successful. It follows Lee and Carter in their quest to find the mastermind behind the US Embassy explosion in Hong Kong.

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The third installment of the series is by far the most intriguing. It is set in Paris and follows the aftermath of the assassination of Ambassador Han. Lee and James also have to stay one step ahead of the cutthroat Chinese gangsters. Let us know your favorite scene from Jackie Chan’s Rush Hour in the comments below!

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