What’s New on Netflix UK in March 2021

What’s New on Netflix UK in March 2021

We might just have started February with lots of goodies on Netflix, but still, it doesn’t keep us away from thinking about what’s ahead too.

During the pandemic, Netflix became much more than a platform to us, it has also become one of our companions. So we are constantly waiting with our eyes wide open and here we are. First glimpses of what’s coming to Netflix UK in March have already started to come.

First look at what’s coming to Netflix UK in March

March 1st

  • Banyuki: It is a Japanese period drama. The story is based on “The Count of Monte Cristo”. Banyuki is a sprawling revenge story that happens to be in a fictitious ancient state filled. This exposes human karma with a conspiracy that only leads to repeated mishaps.
  • Never Back Down 2: The Beatdown: It’s a sports action-drama centered around MMA fighting.
  • Something Borrowed: Something Borrowed is a romantic comedy adaptation film from Emily Giffin’s same-named book. The movie includes in its cast beloved and famous names such as Kate Hudson and Ginnifer Goodwin.
  • Seven Souls in the Skull Castle: A Japanese drama set in sixteenth-century Feudal Japan which was about to be unified after the demise of a warlord.
  • Sword Art Online Alternative: Gun Gale Online -Season 1: Sword Art Online’s anime spin-off
  • Trial By Fire: Trial by Fire is a biographical drama that tells the controversial trial and execution of Cameron Todd Willingham. The movie is based upon David Grann’s article “Trial by Fire” from The New Yorker in 2009.
  • How to Be Really Bad: It’s a German comedy that revolves around the daughter of the devil who makes a deal with her father. The deal is that she can stay on Earth forever if she corrupts a good soul.
  • The Promised Neverland -Season 1: It’s a dark anime series about a group of gifted children. These children try to escape from their sneaky home.
  • LEGO Marvel Spider-Man: Vexed by Venom: It’s a short animated adventure that puts Spider-Man and Venom against each other.

March 2nd

  • Word Party -Season 5 *Netflix Original: It’s an animated series for children.

March 3rd

  • Far From Here: It’s a Romanian drama that revolves around a young couple struggling to hold onto their marriage while they are living in another country.
  • Aliyah Dada: Romanian documentary.
  • Heads and Tails: It’s a Czech drama that revolves around a man dying of a serious head injury.
  • A Month in Thailand: It’s a Romanian comedy which tells about a love triangle between 2 girls and their unstable lover’s.
  • America, Here We Come
  • The Bear
  • Crossing Dates 
  • The Legacy
  • Marita
  • Moon Hotel Kabul
  • Crossing Dates
  • Love Sick
  • The Miracle of Tekir
  • MoxieN Original: A teenager incites a feminist revolution at her school with inspiration from her mother’s rebellious youth.
  • Pup-o, ma!:
  • Povestea unui pierde-vara
  • The Secret of Happiness
  • Summer’s Over: It revolves around two young boys becoming friends during their summer vacation. Romanian drama.
  • The World is Mine: Romanian drama
  • Sweet Little Lies Downtown: Romanian romantic comedy series

March 4th

March 12th

  • Yes DayN Original: It’s a family comedy. Two parents decide to spend their entire day saying yes to all of their children’s requests. Jennifer Garner and Edgar Ramirez are starring.

March 15th

  • Struggle AlleyN Original: It’s a Turkish drama. The drama is in a poor neighborhood of İstanbul. As a formerly homeless man Mehmet attempts to reunite a homeless child with his family.

March 19th

Unknown release date series:

  • MonsterN Original: It’s a drama and starring Jennifer Hudson as far as we know.

Stay tuned as we will be sharing it all more as soon as we learn what’s coming in March 2021!

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