Sky Rojo Synopsis, Release Date, Cast and Teaser

Sky Rojo Synopsis, Release Date, Cast and Teaser

After his last project Money Heist became a global hit and has stormed the world up, Alex Pina is coming with a new project called Sky Rojo. So buckle up guys!

We now can linger around with this enthralling show while we are waiting for the new season of Money Heist thanks god. So let’s take a look more at the series’ synopsis, cast, and release date which is finally announced. The creators of the upcoming series have spoken in an interview that the series shows us the impunity, ambiguity, and brutal reality of prostitution, and the psychological portraits of those on both sides of the scale.

What’s the synopsis of the ‘Sky Rojo’ series?

First of all, Sky Rojo is an upcoming Spanish action crime drama and Esther Martínez Lobato accompanies Alex Pina as another creator. We will be watching three prostitutes trying to flee from their pimp to earn their freedom back. Sky Rojo revolves around the chaotic journey the women embark on together. They have to face dangers of all kinds and live every second as if it were their last. So they realize with time the most important thing, which is they are stronger together and have much more options to recover their lives. As they experience all the difficulties and truths, they strengthen their friendship above all.

Who will cast in Netflix’s Sky Rojo?

Lali Espósito is an Argentinian singer-songwriter. She will be playing Wendy in the Netflix original series. Yany Prado is an actress who is known for Spanish productions La Reina Soy Yo and Tres Milagro. She will be playing Gina. Verónica Sánchez is an actress. A few known works of her are Gordos, Sin Identidad, and El Caso. She will be playing Carol.

Money Heist and Sense8’s Miguel Ángel Sanchez also will be playing as Moisés in Sky Rojo, along with other talented individuals such as Asier Etxeandia as Romeo, Enric Auquer as Christian, and more. There is no official trailer that has been released for Sky Rojo, but Netflix did release a teaser to announce the release date and to give everyone a glimpse of the series that is yet to come.

Sky Rojo will be available on Netflix on March 19, 2021. You can watch the trailer below!

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