‘The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo’ Is Now On Netflix- Check Reviews, Cast, Synopsis, And More

‘The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo’ Is Now On Netflix- Check Reviews, Cast, Synopsis, And More

Netflix has recently added many throwback movies and shows to its new year catalog. These include The Phantom Thread, Taxi Driver, True Grit, et cetera. Netflix added yet another movie that will move you from your core. The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo originally premiered in 2011 and has now made its way on the platform. Rooney Mara’s stunning performance and Fincher’s eminently watchable direction will clear all your doubts if you are still clear as mud to stream the movie.

What is The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo on Netflix about?

Based on the novel by Swedish writer Stieg Larsson, this psycho-thriller is finely forged into a movie by David Fincher. The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo follows Mikael Blomkvist, a disgraced journalist, and Lisbeth Salander. Seemingly, Lisbeth is a pariah feminist who can crack any code and hack any system.

Swedish Industrialist Henrik Vanger hires both the journalist and the hacker to dig deeper into a forty-year-old murder case of his beloved niece. As they unearth the violent secrets of the Vanger family on a secluded island; they introduced us to sexual abuse, a string of nauseating first-degree murders, and whatnot. Curious to find out what happened to the poor niece, and what more dirty secrets this family tree is rooted to? Stream The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo on Netflix now. It isn’t for the faint heart, though.

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The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo cast

Directed by David Fincher and written by Steven Zaillian, this psycho-thriller has a cast that will surely give you goosebumps throughout the course of 2 hours and 38 minutes:

  • Daniel Craig (Mikael Blomkvist)
  • Rooney Mara (Lisbeth Salander)
  • Christopher Plummer (Henrik Vanger)
  • Stellan Skarsgard (Martin Vanger)
  • Steven Berkoff (Frode)
  • Robin Wright (Erika Berger)

  • Yorick van Wageningen (Bjurman)
  • Joely Richardson (Anita Vanger)
  • Geraldine James (Cecilia)
  • Goran Visnjic (Armansky)
  • Donald Sumpter (Detective Morell)
  • Ulf Friberg (Wennerstrom)

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From the critic’s desk

Highly praised when it first hit the cinemas, The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo on Netflix has bagged decent reviews from the critics.

For instance, The New York Times writes, “Using harsh and spooky soundtrack music to unnerving and powerful effect, Mr. Fincher creates a persuasive ambience of political menace and moral despair.” Moreover, talking about the actors, The New York Times comments, “Mr. Craig is an obliging sidekick, and the other supporting actors (notably Robin Wright as Mikael’s colleague and paramour and Donald Sumpter as a helpful detective) perform with professionalism and conviction.”

Further, Den Of Geek comments, “Lisbeth Salander has always been the main attraction, and Mara is extraordinary. It’s a different interpretation from Rapace’s (referring to the Swedish adaptation) but they’re both energetic, intelligent and compulsively watchable performances. In this case, wherever the film slows down, Mara animates the plodding procedural parts magnificently, and was deservedly nominated for Best Actress awards across the board.”

Notably, the movie got an IMDb rating of 7.8/10, and scored 86% on Rotten Tomatoes.

Let us know in the comment section if you are already planning to stream the movie on Netflix.

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