Is ‘Devil in Ohio’ on Netflix Based on Real Life?

Is ‘Devil in Ohio’ on Netflix Based on Real Life?

As unexplained as the fascination with eerie and ominous concepts is, there is no point denying its existence. We crave that strange sinking feeling in our stomachs that only comes while consuming content like that. The only thing that makes this feeling more prominent is if the events actually occurred. Capitalizing on that human tendency, Netflix has come in all guns blazing with yet another spooky thriller show called Devil in Ohio. 

The limited series is adapted from a bestselling novel by Daria Polatin. The show follows a psychiatrist, Dr. Suzanne Mathis, who temporarily takes in a troubled teenager. Soon after, strange episodes and creepy, unexplainable mishaps become regular occurrences. Since all runaway teens aren’t Eleven, the telekinetic superhero from Stranger Things, the events that transpire will send chills down your spine. If not, perhaps the fact that the Devil in Ohio might be based on a true story will make sure of it.

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Devil in Ohio: Inspired by real-life events

In a recent interview with The Columbus Dispatch, Daria Polatin, author and executive producer of Devil in Ohio, opened up about the story. According to her, “producer Rachel Miller heard this true story, which took place in Ohio.” Without giving away the original source, Polatin revealed that while “the bones of the story are true,” she took creative liberties with the book and the cult horror show.

The series “is not a documentary,” so Polatin decided to “fictionalize the details and let it take on a life of its own.” While we are still in the dark about the actual story that transformed into Devil in Ohio, there are a few cases from Ohio revolving around cults that fit the bill. The Kirtland Farm massacre is the case that probably comes the closest.

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As per WJW News Station in Cleaveland, years ago, Jeffrey Lundgren, a self-declared prophet, founded a cult. He preached his reinterpreted versions of the Latter-day Saints’ teachings and scripture passages. According to Oxygen, in 1989, things got ugly when Lundgren and his cult recruits were involved in the horrific murder of the Averys, a family of five. The Netflix limited series seems to be loosely based on this criminal incident.

Have you seen Devil in Ohio? Do you think it is connected to the Kirtland Farm murders or any other case? Let us know your thoughts in the comments. If you haven’t yet, please watch Devil in Ohio now streaming on Netflix.

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