Netflix Has Another Cult Horror Show in ‘Devil In Ohio,’ But Is It Real?

Netflix Has Another Cult Horror Show in ‘Devil In Ohio,’ But Is It Real?

Netflix is back with another horrifying story of a mysterious past and engulfing darkness in the present. Devil in Ohio is a new series that narrates the story of an escapee teenage girl Mae. The show is led by two well-known female faces Bones‘ Emily Deschanel and To All The Boys star Madeleine Arthur. Emily has played the role of a hospital psychiatrist Dr. Suzanne Mathis who takes in a traumatized girl, unaware of the fact that her decision will soon bring danger to her family. What connected this cult has with Mae? Is this series based on true events?

Devil in Ohio trailer shows an unsettling and ghastly cult story on Netflix

Netflix has already left people in shock with horrifying stories like Girl in the Picture and I Just Killed My Dad. Now the trailer of Devil in Ohio is giving viewers a very resembling feeling of gut-wrenching truths. The streaming giant dropped the preview of the series on Twitter today.

“She escaped a dangerous cult… but that’s just the beginning of this family’s nightmare,” read the post’s caption.

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The limited series, based on the best-selling novel of the same name by Daria Polatin, will hit Netflix on September 2. The trailer gives a glimpse at the murderous intentions of a cult and Mae’s secretive past. Soon, the sheriffs start unfolding the truths about satanic worship and sacrificial rituals in the cult. Aside from Deschanel and Arthur, other cast members include Sam Jaeger, Alisha Newton, Naomi Tan, Gerardo Celasco, Bradley Stryker, Tahmoh Penikett, and Keenan Tracey, among others.

Is the show based on real events?

In Devil in Ohio, Suzanne offers shelter to one of her patients and welcomes her to live with her three daughters so she can feel safe among them. It is revealed that Mae was an important member of the cult when she escaped. Moreover, as shown in the teaser, it seems Mae isn’t that innocent when she is seen haunting the house. And Suzanne’s eldest daughter, Jules (Xaria Dotson), is becoming her target. With such a convoluted plot, is Devil in Ohio on Netflix a true story?

According to Tudum, Polatin told them that the story has true origins in Ohio, and the executive producer, Rachel Miller, has heard about these things happening in the city. That said, the cult created in the show is fictional.

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Viewers will soon find out what this cult is drilling in darkness. What do you think will happen to Suzanne and her family? Is Mae the real threat, or is she just a puppet of some devil? Comment down your thoughts.

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