Where Can You Watch Oscar Winner Jamie Foxx on Netflix Before ‘Day Shift’ Release

Where Can You Watch Oscar Winner Jamie Foxx on Netflix Before ‘Day Shift’ Release

Netflix has recently unveiled its upcoming original movie Day Shift starring Jamie Foxx. Jamie plays a hard-working blue-collar single dad. He works as a cleaning pool agent at the San Fernando Valley pool, but that is only a front. His real job is to hunt and kill vampires. But the movie will release on the platform on August 12, so there’s still some time to wait for the flick to arrive. Until it arrives, there are alternative movies on Netflix to get your Jamie Foxx fix. 


Tom Cruise's Collateral was the actor's best and only horror movie - Polygon

Among the dozens of action movies on Netflix, Collateral stars Tom Cruise and Jamie Foxx. It follows a cab driver who gets unwittingly involved with a hitman. When Max picks up his second customer of the night, Vincent, he has no idea that he’s a contract killer and he’s forced to drive him to all his assigned destinations. 

Django Unchained 

Quentin Tarantino's 'Django Unchained' Stars Jamie Foxx - The New York Times

The Quentin Tarantino film stars behemoths of the Hollywood industry from Jamie to Leonardo DiCaprio. The 8.4-rated movie, follows a slave, Django, and a German Bounty hunter in search of Django’s wife. They formulate a plan to free her from the clasp of a ruthless plantation owner in Mississippi. This is one of the best Jamie Foxx movies on Netflix

Project Power

Project Power – A Familiar story with only Half a Twist – Byte This

Jamie plays an ex-soldier with a secret vendetta in this Netflix original. A mysterious drug that enhances individuals’ powers for five minutes escalates crime rates in the city of New Orleans. Now a cop, a former soldier, and a teenage drug dealer have to join hands to bust the organization behind these drugs.

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The remake of Annie really, really wants you to think it's cool - Vox

For a break from the action movies on Netflix, you can catch Jamie Foxx playing the suave business tycoon and Mayoral candidate in Annie. Annie is a foster kid living with her mean foster mom, but her life takes a turn when Will Stacks decide to take her. 

White House Down 

Trailer: 'White House Down' - Variety

Rounding out the list is another action flick where Channing Tatum takes all the risks to save his kid and Jamie’s President Sawyer. If you want thrills and some stylistic action, this is the movie for you. 

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