Day Shift Starring Jamie Foxx Is The New Vampire Flick- Here’s Everything You Need To Know

Day Shift Starring Jamie Foxx Is The New Vampire Flick- Here’s Everything You Need To Know

The 2022 Netflix movie preview is trending on the internet right now. But what’s trending in its action-adventure thriller part is Jamie Foxx starring Day Shift. Foxx will be a decent dad with a decent job in the morning and a dashing superhero combating and killing photophobic vampires at night. Filled with mysteries and myths, this is the movie all long for now and then. Here we have covered everything you need to know about this new sci-fi thriller, starring people we absolutely love to watch on screen.

What happens in the Day Shift?

Always ready to go beyond limits, do every odd-even job to provide us with everything. The altruistic father figures are undoubtedly true superheroes of our lives. Such is the character of Jamie Foxx in Day Shift. The movie portrays a hard-working, blue-collar dad who makes all the efforts to make sure his 8-year-old quick-witted daughter. He works at the San Fernando Valley as a pool boy in the morning shift. But that’s not all. The real twist lies ahead.

His work as a pool boy is a mere disguise to hide his real identity as a vampire hunter. Being part of the International Union of Vampire Hunters, he is a superhero not just for his beloved daughter.

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Who’s coming with Foxx to slay the blood-sucking vampires?

The movie being in Netflix’s 2022 big movie preview reel is surely bringing some of the A-list stars, along with Academy-award winner Jamie Foxx, to keep us glued to our seats. We will see Dave Franco, best known for adding some genuine laughter to action movies. Furthermore, action movie megastar Scott Adkins is also in the cast. Moreover, these top-notch actors will also perform in this masterpiece:

  • Meagan Good from Shazam, 
  • Karla Souza from How to get Away with Murder, 
  • Eric Lange from Escape at Dannemora,
  • Zion Broadnax from Sydney to the Max,

  • Natasha Liu Bordizzo, well known for her role in The Society and The Voyeurs
  • Oliver Masucci, best known for his roles in Dark and Enfant terrible
  • Steve Howey from Shameless, and
  • C. S. Lee from Nora From Queens

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Day Shift- Release Date

Directed by JJ Perry (stunt coordinator of action movies such as Fast and Furious and John Wick series), and written by Tyler Tyce, Day Shift will make its debut on the streaming service anytime in the year 2022.

This vampire-hunting action flick “is a pulse-pounding thrill ride with action, danger and grounded comedy mixed with a deep mythology, the key ingredients for the absolute best time you can have watching a movie,” Producer Shaun Redick said while working on the project back when it was first announced. Day Shift will surely be worth the wait.

Till then, stay tuned with us to know more about such action thrillers and everything else that’s there on the streaming service.


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