Still Can’t Get Over YOU? Here Are Some Movies Like YOU on Netflix

Still Can’t Get Over YOU? Here Are Some Movies Like YOU on Netflix

The third season of YOU was jam-packed with thrill, suspense, romance and lack thereof, and bloodshed. While fans absolutely loved the addition to the series, the fourth season isn’t due in a long time. So, here are other movies like YOU on Netflix.

Malcolm and Marie

Scenes, where Joe and Love attempt to hide and cunningly unravel their secrets to one another, were probably some of the most thrilling ones in the third season of the series. A similar couple is Malcolm and Marie.

Played by John David Washington and Zendaya, the titular characters spend the entirety of the movie in a sophisticated waltz of words spun together to hide their lies.

While the former couple has actual skeletons in their basement, the latter has buried secrets of their own. These very secrets are unraveled during each conversation they have until fans are on the edge of their seats, waiting for one to leave the other.

Frank & Lola

Here’s another couple on Netflix that is just like Joe and Love but not quite like them: Frank and Lola.

Frank, like Love, is a talented chef who struggles due to his impulsive nature, while Lola has a traumatic past that continues to affect her present behavior and relationships. While Malcolm and Marie gave us a similar enigmatic couple dynamic, Frank and Lola is a movie completely like YOU.

Frank is on a mission to discover all secrets about Lola’s past- déjà vu?

Till Death

Till Death is about Emma, played by Megan Fox. Emma cheats on her very controlling husband with his colleague but decides to fix things during an isolated romantic getaway. However, her husband doesn’t have “fixing” in mind, as she discovers later in a pool of her own blood.

If that doesn’t remind you of Love and YOU, then what will?

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The Woman in the Window

A central theme of the third season of the Netflix Original YOU was Natalie Enger’s husband and his fruitless but formidable hunt for the reason behind his wife’s disappearance. A similar movie on Netflix in the “freelance investigation” category is The Woman in the Window.

The Woman in the Window is about Anna Fox, an agoraphobic child psychologist who stays isolated due to her phobia. As a pastime, she begins to keep an eye on the seemingly perfect family next door until one day she witnesses a brutal crime.

Earthquake Bird

Set in late 1980s Tokyo, Earthquake Bird is about Lucy, a Swedish translator in Japan. Lucy ends up falling for a photographer named Teiji, who develops a relationship with both Lucy and her friend Lily. As Lily is deemed missing, Lucy finds herself a suspect and discovers things about Teiji that question his reliability.

Does that give you a Joe vibe or what?

Nocturnal Animals

As Susan Morrow, played by Amy Adams, comes to receive a manuscript of her ex-husband’s novel, she is beguiled by the violent narrative in its pages. While the wild manuscript is being played out, a less disruptive but considerably more eerie narrative is going on between Susan and Edward in the real world as well.

Well, Joe isn’t a write but sure does emanate this sinister energy, doesn’t he?


With these movies, you can spend your time in peace while you wait for YOU season 4 to drop. Did we miss any movies like YOU on Netlifx? Let us know in the comments below.


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