Scariest 5 Horror Movies Releasing on Netflix in July 2022

Scariest 5 Horror Movies Releasing on Netflix in July 2022

Why wait for Halloween when you can watch a horror movie right now? It’s a thing of the past when you had to wait for October to cuddle up in front of the TV to catch your favorite horror flicks. Now you can just stream whenever you feel like you can do without a night of sleep! We have rounded up a bunch of scariest horror movies coming to Netflix this month of July. Check it out. 


The James Wan-directed 2010 horror film is coming to Netflix. It’s a creepy story about a family in their new home and experiencing unexplained activities. When their eldest son Dalton has an accident in the attic and becomes comatose, the parents are at a loss after consultation with the doctor revealing no sign of head injury. The family then consults a paranormal investigator to save their son from the evil spirits. 

Blair Witch 

The 2016 version, a reboot of the classic 1999 horror movie, is heading to Netflix. After James finds intriguing footage where he sees his missing sister, Heather, he gathers a group of friends to head to the same woods to investigate. Heather went missing years ago while she was investigating the legend of Blair Witch. Bur very quickly the group finds it was a mistake and that Legend is true. 

John Carpenter’s Vampires

Vampires are constantly attacking humankind. To save them, the Vatican enlists a group of vampire slayers to kill them and stop an old Catholic relic from falling into their hands. Otherwise, it’s doom for humans. This is truly a blast from the past.

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The Wretched 

The film stood out for its unique plot when it came out in 2019. It follows a rebellious teenage boy and a witch in disguise who lives next door. Eventually, they clash with each other. 


A Sony horror starring Sandra Oh, follows Amanda and her daughter living on a quiet farm. Their lives turn upside down when Amanda’s mother’s remains arrive from Korea. Amanda grows anxious by the day, and strange events start taking place in their lives. 

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