Horror KDramas on Netflix That Will Give You Goosebumps!

Horror KDramas on Netflix That Will Give You Goosebumps!

It is no secret that Kdramas have mastered the art of making terrifying zombie stories that still manage to be emotional and warm. However, zombies are not the only terrifying element from your nightmares that Korean shows have used. If you dig deeper into the horror genre, you will find everything from cults to ghosts and demons. Here we have compiled a list of horror Kdramas on Netflix so that you can choose the weapon of your choice.

These horror KDramas on Netflix will make you scream!

The Cursed

Starting off with a good old shaman tale, The Cursed is a twelve-episode-long series revolving around the secrets of an IT company called Forest. Furthermore, it follows Im Jin Hee, a reporter with a passion for finding the truth. She starts investigating Forest and learns of the chairman’s blind faith in shamanism. As a matter of fact, shamanism is really popular in Korea, and this Kdrama shows how, if trusted blindly, it can be very harmful.

This leads him to the shaman organization associated with the company. In her quest to find out about the company’s relation to one violent case, she meets So Jin, who is possessed by a spirit. One reporter against the biggest company in the country; The Cursed on Netflix will definitely send shivers down your spine.

Sweet Home

A horror Kdrama list without the mention of Kim Hyung Min’s Sweet Home? Impossible! This brilliant series not only has chilling visuals, but its true horror lies in its honest portrayal of how selfish humans can be. Moreover, Sweet Home is directed by Kim Hyung Min and is currently one of the rare Korean series that has more than one season. The Kdrama is confirmed to release for another thrilling season.

It follows Cha Hyun Soo, who becomes suicidal after losing his family. After being in isolation for days, Cha Hyun realizes that people are turning into monsters. He and the other residents in his apartment complex are the only ones remaining. Apart from the flesh-eating monsters, it is how the people switch sides that will terrify you. Undoubtedly one of the most enjoyable horror Kdramas on Netflix.

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Hellbound is a cult horror. It depicts how scary it would be if someone who sinned were instantly punished. Hellbound is set up in a dystopian Korea. Here, everyone who commits sin is punished by supernatural beings who appear out of nowhere, called ‘executors of hell’. As the entire nation is in chaos, a cult named ‘New Truth Society’ starts gaining power.

The element of horror that Hellbound plays with is the fear of the people. And nobody notices anything fishy besides the despair that they are facing except for a handful of people. Hellbound is a horror Kdrama which will leave you in a cold sweat because it is close to reality. Moreover, it was also at the top of the charts worldwide while it was ongoing on Netflix.


A historical horror Kdrama? Yes, please! Kim Eun Hee, the writer behind amazing shows such as Signal and Jirisan, takes the tried-and-tested zombie apocalypse trope and adds a historical twist to it. The main cast includes brilliant actors like Joo Ji Hoon (Medical Top Team), Ryu Seung Ryong (The Painter of the World), Bae Doo Na (The Silent Sea), and Kim Sung Gyu (The King of Pigs). Furthermore, this Kdrama is set up in the Joseon era. It follows Lee Chang, the crown prince, as he tries to find the truth behind his father’s death.

In his quest to find the last physician that treated his father, he discovers something shocking. The series is absolutely brilliant. The cinematography and the horrifying monsters are far scarier than anything you have seen so far. An interesting thing to note is that Kingdom was actually Netflix’s first originally produced Kdrama and boy, it did not disappoint! Be it the plotting ministers or the blood-thirsty monsters; there will not be a moment of peace while watching this horror kdrama.

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Which one of the above horror kdramas will you be watching? Make sure to let us know in the comments! And if horror gives you the heebie-jeebies, then check out our list of romantic Kdramas to watch on Netflix.

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