Squid Game Creates History at Emmy Awards 2022 Along With Exulting Nominations for the Show

Squid Game Creates History at Emmy Awards 2022 Along With Exulting Nominations for the Show

Emmy Awards Nominations are the ‘hot goss’ of the town today. With the announcement of nominations, the prayers of fans for their favorite star to win have begun. A lot of shows and stars are in line for the Emmys this time, but, there’s a new player on the field this time. And, it’s not just any player, this one has broken records of viewership on Netflix. Any Guesses? Well, it’s the Korean sensation Squid Game. All of us went crazy for this show last year. And now it feels like the Emmys did too. So, are you ready to get your jaws dropped?

Some fun facts about Squid Game

The Squid Game is considered one of the most popular shows on Netflix. In the year 2021, it caused quite a stir. People went crazy for it. Although the show was made for just $21.4 million, it has generated a total estimation of $900 million. It blows your mind right away! But, it all makes sense because of the show’s outstanding storyline and the thrill it maintains over all of its 9 episodes. It has a viewing record of 1.65 billion hours.

And not just the storyline, but it had great production value and acting. The actors portrayed the emotions excellently. The major cast of the show included Jung Ho-Yeon( Kang Sae-byeok), Lee-Jung-Jae(Seong Gi-hun), Park Hae-soo(Cho-Sang-Woo), O Yeong-su(Oh ll-nam) and Wi Ha-joon(Hwang jun-ho).

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All about Emmy Awards nominations of Squid Game

This show has created history in the record of Emmy awards as it’s the first non-English series to get nominated. It’s very tough to make a place for yourself in a totally different cultural and language-dominated environment. And we have not mentioned the shocking part yet. The total number of nominations the show has got is not just one or two; it’s 14! Yes, Squid Game has received 14 Emmy Awards nominations. And with that, it has become Netflix’s most-nominated show for Emmys 2022.

Let’s see what categories it has covered.

  1. Outstanding Drama Series
  2. Outstanding Original Main Title Theme Music – 2022
  3. Outstanding Special Visual Effects In A Single Episode – Episode 7 “VIPs”
  4. Outstanding Stunt Performance – Episode 4 “Stick to the Team”
  5. Outstanding Writing For A Drama Series – Episode  “One Lucky Day”
  6. Outstanding Production Design For A Narrative Contemporary Program (One Hour Or More) –  Episode 6 “Gganbu”
  7. Outstanding Cinematography For A Single-Camera Series (One Hour) – Episode 4 “Stick to the Team”
  8. Outstanding Directing For A Drama Series – Episode 1 “Red Light, Green Light”
  9. Outstanding Single-Camera Picture Editing For A Drama Series – 2022 – Episode 6 “Gganbu”
  10. Outstanding Lead actor – Lee Jung-jae
  11. Outstanding supporting actress – Jung Ho-yeon
  12. Outstanding Supporting Actor In A Drama Series – Park Hae-soo
  13. Outstanding Supporting Actor In A Drama Series – Oh Yeong-su
  14. Outstanding Guest Actress In A Drama Series – Lee You-mi for

All in all, this series totally deserves it! Let’s keep our fingers crossed and wait to watch our favorite actors win. Until then, stream Squid Game and enjoy!

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