Netflix Puts $4.56m Up For Grabs In Real-Life Squid Game With Largest Cast And Cash In Reality TV History

Netflix Puts $4.56m Up For Grabs In Real-Life Squid Game With Largest Cast And Cash In Reality TV History

The Netflix announcement has staggered the viewers with a life-changing winner prize for Squid Game adaptation into a reality show. The captivating storyline of Squid Game already holds the place of the most popular show of all time on Netflix. Now this new pursuit will certainly bring a revolution to Netflix’s subscription and viewership. The prize money of $4560000 stakes the fortune of 456 participants where only one will take this massive amount home. While others will have to face defeat and go home without any gain. But this is just the beginning as every contender has one chance to achieve this golden reward. 

Squid Game is coming out from the streaming world of Netflix into real life

The Korean drama Squid Game astounded viewers in the first month of its release as they experienced unimaginable surprises for the first time in their lives. Because viewers were entirely anonymous to this type of dystopian storyline where people play the game of death and life to repay their debts.

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Also, the show received more than 1.65 billion view hours in its first month making Squid Game an iconic series on Netflix. Although a new icon will soon hit the market named Squid Game: The Challenge. Which will redefine the world of gaming and fiction content itself. As it has never been done before in the history of cinema that any fiction has been interpreted into a reality show. 

Moreover, the budget for the competition is twice high in comparison to the first season 1 of the Squid Game series. Because they have adapted the plot so they kept the same prize money that was offered to characters in the series. So that the fans feel connected to the fictional world of Squid Game. Even though many reality shows have put a big cash prize but no one seems to surpass the benchmark that Squid Game: The Challenge has set. For instance, the popular American show Hell Kitchen has a winner reward of  $250,000. Whereas the other cooking reality show has prize money of $125,000. 

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Therefore, Netflix has certainly stepped into a deep game with this contestant set for launch in early 2023. Fans better keep their notification icon on sound to not miss a single piece of news about this reality show. And also keep the track of upcoming Squid Game season 2 that will transform your views once again.

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