4 Netflix Simultcast Korean Dramas to Fill Your Week With Laughter and More

4 Netflix Simultcast Korean Dramas to Fill Your Week With Laughter and More

Netflix has a great curated list of the most extensive Korean dramas than any other Over The Top platform website. Now the streaming giant has upped its game by introducing what they call simulcast. Under simulcast, shows stream directly on Netflix after just minutes of premiering in their native country.

So here is a list of Korean Dramas currently streaming under simulcast

Twenty-Five Twenty-One

In Twenty-Five Twenty-One, Nam Joo-hyuk returns, this time with Mr. Sunshine and Space Sweepers‘ Kim Tae-ri. The K drama follows two people who are dealing with a financial problem in their families. While Kim Tae-ri works hard to make the national fencing team, Nam Joo-hyuk’s father goes bankrupt, forcing him to live in poverty.

To help pay for his schooling, he takes on a part-time job and eventually becomes a sports writer. The show will follow the two as they cross paths in their lives and go on a journey together.


The lives and friendships of three long-time schoolmates are the subjects of Thirty-Nine. Son Ye-jin of Crash Landing On You, Jeon Mi-do of Hospital Playlist, and Kim Ji-Hyun of Artificial City feature in the series.

In the program, the trio is in their early forties. The K-drama will depict their experiences together, as well as the challenges they confront as the world changes and their friendship as a result of it all.

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Forecasting Love and Weather

Park Min-young is back with another office romance drama, Forecasting Love and Weather, after What’s Wrong with Secretary Kim and Her Private Life. Onscreen, the actress is romancing Song Kang at the moment.

Forecasting Love and Weather is Song Kang’s sixth show in a little over a year and a half, following the popularity of Nevertheless. The drama centers around two people who work for the Korea Meteorological Administration and their love life, as the title indicates.

Business Proposal

In Business Proposal, Kim Se-jeong returns to the screen with Ahn Hyo-seop by her side. Kim Se-jeong fills in on a blind date for a friend. However, she has no idea that the man on the date is Ahn Hyo-seop, the CEO of her firm. While she anticipates an immediate rejection, Ahn Hyo-seop has already decided to marry the next person he sees on the date.

All of these shows are currently streaming with new episodes being added every week on Netflix. Give them a watch and let us know if our list helped to find you another great show!

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