Yaksha: Ruthless Operations: Netflix Unveils Trailer for Its Next Korean Import

Yaksha: Ruthless Operations: Netflix Unveils Trailer for Its Next Korean Import

Netflix is not slowing down with its Korean releases. After The Pirates: The Last Royal Treasure, which was light-hearted fun, Netflix now brings an espionage thriller: Yaksha: Ruthless Operations, based in Shenyang, China. Action and betrayal abound in the Na Hyun-directed movie. Na Hyun is credited for directing the 2017 film, The Prison. 

The plot 

According to IMDb, the movie is to show the fierce battle between the Blacks Ops team, a special prosecutor, and the intelligence agents from several nations across Asia. The Blacks Ops is a special operations team comprising of the best agents in the field. It is under the wing of the National Intelligence Service (NIS), based in China. 

Ji Kang In, also know as Yaksha, for his ruthlessness, leads the team. The team’s dynamics are shaken when Han Ji Hoon, arrives. But soon they have to learn to work together for a case that can rattle the entire nation.

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The cast 

  • Sol Kyung Gu
  • Park Hae Soo
  • Hiroyuki Ikeuchi
  • Dong Kun Yang 
  • Lee El
  • Jae Rim Song
  • Jinyoung Park
  • Soo Kyung Lee

Squid Game fans will immediately notice Park Hae Soo in the trailer. He plays the demoted prosecutor who locks his head with Ji Kang In. Another familiar face on the cast list is Got7’s Jinyoung.

Yaksha: Ruthless Operations Netflix trailer

Shenyang, notorious for being the spy capital, the trailer opens with the line, “I heard this city has the highest density of spies in the world.” The Black Ops team is seen getting ready for a top classified mission when a new member arrives to monitor the team’s movement. The new member is Han Ji Hoon, a demoted Seoul Central District Prosecutor. Upon his arrival, the team becomes suspicious of his identity, and he realizes his precarious position. 

When will the film release?

Yaksha: Ruthless Operations will release on Netflix on April 8, 2022. Until then you can watch other Korean offerings on the streamer. 

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