What Is ‘Surviving Paradise: A Family Tale’ Narrated by Regé-Jean Page All About? Here’s Everything You Need to Know

What Is ‘Surviving Paradise: A Family Tale’ Narrated by Regé-Jean Page All About? Here’s Everything You Need to Know

Netflix has unveiled the trailer for a new nature documentary, Surviving Paradise: A Family Tale. The exciting news is that Bridgerton fame Regé Jean Page will narrate the documentary. In the documentary, nature-lovers will explore the vast oasis of Okavango Delta. Only a few people know that the dense Kalahari forest separates the Delta. 

The incredible footage in Surviving Paradise: A Family Tale shows animals bonding and protecting each other against enemies in the unforgiving land. They pass on their secret to their descendants to help them survive in the desert. 

Animals both big and small roam free in the forest, but when drought strikes, the bond between them is tested as their fates are interlinked. As Page narrates, “The greatest weapon in this fight is each other.” 

Men behind the scenes

You can catch Surviving Paradise on Netflix when it drops on March 3. The natural film has a runtime of 73 minutes which is perfect for you to go on a Jungle Safari albeit through your TV screen. 

The astonishing close-ups shots of the animals add a layer of intimacy. It is dumbfounding how the director of photography Brad Bestelink got the shots. The nature film is directed and produced by Renee Godfrey. Matt Meech served as Co-director and editor on the set, while James Honeyborne executive produced the film. 

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Page attained fame when he essayed the role of Simon Basset, Duke of Hastings on the hit Netflix period film, Bridgerton. He got an Emmy Award nomination for his portrayal. However, Page will no longer be a regular in the series’ upcoming season. 

Fans Reactions to Survival Paradise: A Family Tale’s trailer

Fans cannot wait to swoon over Page’s sensual voice in the documentary. One fan commented that she will be struggling to multi-task, while her ears and eyes try to focus on the footage and on Page’s narration. She shared a hilarious GIF to explain her situation further. 

Page is next to be seen beside Chris Evans and Ryan Gosling in the espionage thriller film, The Gray Man. The film is being directed by Russo Brothers and will premiere exclusively on Netflix. Ana De Armas will also be joining the rest of the cast.

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