7 Scenes From Netflix Shows to Make Your Heart Cry

7 Scenes From Netflix Shows to Make Your Heart Cry

We always talk about the beauty and awe love brings with it. But how often do we talk about the moments of love that break us down? Times when we see clear fostering of a beautiful bond, and yet within moments we see everything shatter down to the ground. Netflix has indeed been the provider of some of the most beautiful moments to us, but it has also given us sad moments as well. Here we look at the 7 most heartbreaking moments from Netflix shows.

We can assure you that this is going to be a sad trip, so you better grab yourself a pack of tissues. With a handful of tissues, a bottle of water, and ice cream to soothe our aching hearts, let’s dive into the pool of heartbreaks, courtesy of Netflix itself.

The one with Otis and Ruby, Sex Education

It may come as a bit surprising to you, but a lot of us were rooting for a Ruby and Otis relationship since the first season of the show. And seeing the bond grow in season 3 really brought joy to many of us. But the happiness was short-lived, as we saw Otis breaking Ruby’s heart in the worst way possible.

Who says, “Umm, that’s nice” to someone who literally gave their heart to you just a few seconds ago? Sure, Otis and Maeve made a really cute couple, and we are all in for that. But Otis deserves a good whopping just for the way he broke Ruby’s heart.

The one with Wilhelm and Simon from Netflix show Young Royals

Another scene that brought tears to our eyes was the scene where Simon breaks things with Wilhelm. Wilhelm was clearly trying to understand what he wanted, and he was doing his best to make things happen, but Simon was definitely not ready to go at the pace he desired.

He has all the right to end things, and there is nothing wrong with wanting to be acknowledged as someone’s lover. You definitely cannot live to be someone’s secret, and we very well understand what Simon meant when he broke up with Wilhelm. But it was still a really sad thing to witness.

The one with Simon and Daphne, Bridgerton

Complexities are often the means by which many beautiful relationships end. The same was the case with the beautiful duo of Daphne and Simon has to end things between them. Daphne was so in love with the Duke of Hastings. It literally crushed our hearts to look at her beautiful face, almost breaking down into tears.

Even though we all know that it is good that the relationship had ended, it is still unsettling to see them separate. Sure, Simon went into the relationship with no genuine hope and desire to fall, but even he grew fond of the beautiful Bridgerton woman.

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The one with Hopper’s Letter, Stranger Things

How often do we have the beautiful relationship of a father and daughter portrayed on the screen? Maybe a million times. But is it ever really able to do justice to the love a real father and daughter have? Not very often. Hopper’s letter to Eleven, from Stranger Things, is something that we count as an exception.

Hopper is clearly trying his best to get used to the changes that are coming in his daughter’s life, especially the relationship with her boyfriend. He wrote a really beautiful letter, talking about everything in his heart, and it is genuinely the beautiful thing in the world. However, what saddens me is that he never read it to Eleven while he was alive.

The one with Izzie and Casey, from Netflix show Atypical

Breakups are sad; there is no doubt about that. But you get over them with time, mainly because you realize it put an end to something that was clearly toxic and not worth keeping alive. But what if a breakup is done purely out of love and respect for the other person? It is no doubt is a beautiful deed, but is far too painful.

The same was the case when Izzie broke up with Casey. They were in love, there was no denying that. But Izzie noticed the changes Casey brought to herself, which were clearly not something Casey would have done in the first place. Hence, she ended things with her. Not out of hate or anger, but out of love. Sure, it came from a good place in the heart, but it was still heartbreaking to see the beautiful couple separate.

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The one with Alina and Malyen

It is always hard to see our loved ones die. What is even harder is to see them die inside our arms. Alina felt this firsthand when she had to see Malyen give up his life after a tussle with the dragon-like being. While we are not yet sure whether Mal really died or survived, regardless, it was sad to see this scene play out in front of our eyes.

The one with Ben, Paxton, and Devi, from Netflix show Never Have I Ever

We have all been in a situation when we just missed the chance to be with the person of our dreams. Ben found himself in a similar situation when he saw Devi and Paxton dance, looking into each other’s eyes.

He was sad? Sure, but more than that, he was frustrated. He thought that Devi always liked Paxton and not him. But when he is told that Devi actually liked him, and it was after his foolishness that she moved on, Ben is heartbroken. Well, we have all been Ben at some point in our lives, so the least we can do is feel sorry for him.

What is the saddest moment according to you, from your favorite Netflix Original show?

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