“I Would Come Out of the House a Lot in Distress,” says Kristen About Her Role in The Power of the Dog

“I Would Come Out of the House a Lot in Distress,” says Kristen About Her Role in The Power of the Dog

The award season is here, and we got the list of Academy Awards nominees. We all are excited to see whether the movies we love will go home with their own Oscar. Netflix earned several nominations across different categories. The front runner with whopping 12 nominations, including Best Picture and Director, is The Power of the Dog. Aside from Oscar nominee Bennedict Cumberbatch, Kirsten Dunst is also playing a vital role in the Netflix movie. Recently, the Spiderman actress talked about her role.


Kirsten Dunst on her prep for the Netflix film

One of the standout roles from the film is Kirsten Dunst’s Rose. Her portrayal of an alcoholic is one the best we have seen in recent history, with NewYorker writing, “Few actors have played drunks as convincingly, or sympathetically.” 

When Kirsten was asked how she approached playing a drunk, she replied,“I would come out of the house a lot in distress in this film. And so yeah, spinning around in circles is a very helpful trick. Closing your eyes and spinning around in circles, like, rolling … and then ‘Action,’ I’d just kinda stumble out of the house!”

It seems that all of her hard work paid off as after almost three decades in the movie industry, she earned her maiden academy nomination for playing Rose. Kirsten gives the credit for her performance to director Jane Campion. “I’m very director-driven, so I would have done anything for Jane. She could have talked about this grey couch, and I would have done the movie – and played the green pillow!” said the actress.

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The Power of the Dog making history at the Oscars

In the recent announcement made by the Academy of its annual nominees, The Power of the Dog has emerged victorious with a staggering 12 nominations, including Best Director, Picture, and Cinematography. Thus, this marks the first time in history that a female director and cinematographer have received two Oscar nominations.

The Power of the Dog deals with the theme of toxic masculinity and how it ends up consuming and eventually destroying the person. The Power of The Dog is currently streaming on Netflix. So, do give it a watch and let us know who you’ll be rooting for in the Best Picture category.

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