What Is ‘Silver Spoon’ About? Is It Available on Netflix? Where and Why to Watch the Russian Series?

What Is ‘Silver Spoon’ About? Is It Available on Netflix? Where and Why to Watch the Russian Series?

Netflix has a wide variety of crime drama content available. From ominous series like The Sinner to international series like Juvenile Justice, there’s something for everyone. Netflix has everything in its arsenal. And Silver Spoon is one such crime show that everyone who enjoys this genre should watch.

It was originally a Russian series that aired on Russia’s largest major network Channel 1 and had a viewership rating of over 40%. Russians know the movie as Мажор. The series comprises four seasons and forty episodes. It is a popular cop drama that follows the development of an immature young man named Igor into a capable police officer.

Why you should watch Silver Spoon?

The director, Konstantin Statskiy, has meticulously crafted the Silver Spoon series. It evolves over the course of its first two seasons. They frequently portrayed him in stereotypical terms. The show features several shocking deaths and plot twists, and no two episodes are alike, adding to the suspense. There are two more reasons that might attract viewers to this series. One, Igor’s development from an entitled snob to a better human being, and second his mission to unravel the mystery surrounding his mother’s murder.

The APKIT Awards presented “Silver Spoon” with the Best Television Mini Series, Best Cinematographer, and Best Film Editing awards in 2015. At the 2015 Russian National Movie Awards, Silver Spoon took home Best Russian TV Drama of the Year. Alone with this, the lead actor got the title of Best Russian Hero of the Year.  Remade in the United States, Germany, and Poland, and it was the first Russian TV series to be released globally on Netflix.

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Where to watch

Two of the four seasons are available to watch on Netflix. Both seasons have English subtitles. It stars Pavel Priluchny, Denis Shvedov, and Karina Razumovskaya. Alexander Tsekalo, Ruslan Sorokin, and Ivan Samokhvalov are the producers.

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