Tyler Perry Pays Homage to Beyonce and Civil Rights Icon Rosa Parks in a Madea Homecoming

Tyler Perry Pays Homage to Beyonce and Civil Rights Icon Rosa Parks in a Madea Homecoming

A Madea Homecoming is fast and funny, from start to finish. If you haven’t seen the movie yet, go to Netflix and watch it before reading the rest of this piece. With a crossover of the Irish sitcom Mrs. Brown’s Boys, the new Netflix film adapted the stage drama, A Madea Christmas. Tyler Perry revives his famous character Madea, by writing and acting in the film.

In the movie, several key incidents in the entertainment industry have been spoofed. Turns out, Tyler Perry decided to do this as a promotion strategy. Interestingly enough, Netflix was not involved in this plan; it was entirely his idea. He told Variety, “I haven’t gone through Netflix or anything for all of that stuff. I just started in my office.” If you didn’t pick on these spoofs, let us list them out here.

Tyler Perry paid homage to Beyoncé

Firstly, Tyler imitated Beyonce’s Homecoming documentary, with Madea dressed as Beyonce and wearing her renowned crystal headpiece.

Tyler Perry paid respect to Beyonce by creating a spoof of her historic headlining act at Coachella in 2018 as well as some behind-the-scenes footage from her rehearsals, which was also aired by Netflix. At the end of the film, we see Madea performing her own concert, which was very similar to Beyonce’s documentary.

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A Madea Homecoming features a cameo by civil rights icon Rosa Parks

Madea walks with Rosa Parks in the 1950s, which serves as a flashback. He made a joke about her refusal to let a white man have her Montgomery bus seat. Tyler did, in fact, tell this joke in front of Rosa Parks at a Detroit event. And it made her laugh.

Madea, the religious church lady with grey hair and colourful flowery gowns in A Madea Homecoming, is nonetheless an outlaw with a dubious background who prides herself on living outside the system, in her old-school style.

Cassi Davis-Patton, David Mann, Tamela Mann, Gabrielle Dennis, and Brendan O’Carroll are among the cast members of Tyler Perry’s second Netflix feature. This film is the 12th Madea movie released. Stream this Tyler Perry movie if you haven’t yet, and soak in all the laughter and fun.

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