What do we know about the Enola Holmes sequel?

What do we know about the Enola Holmes sequel?

Here is everything that we know about a highly possible Enola Holmes sequel, including cast, production status, and release window.

Enola Holmes is a Netflix original action-adventure movie released in 2020. It is based on Nancy Springer’s novel series, The Enola Holmes Mysteries. The story is obviously about Sherlock Holmes‘ brilliant sister Enola Holmes character teen years.

The movie was an instant success thanks to its amazing cast. Big names like Millie Bobby Brown and Henry Cavill helped the movie reach immense popularity. Therefore, many fans are waiting for a sequel to Enola Holmes. There is probably going to be one. Let’s check out everything that we currently know about it.

Is there going to be an Enola Holmes sequel?

Netflix has not made an official announcement about the sequel yet. However, it does not mean that we’re not going to see one. That’s because Netflix usually breaks the big news after actually doing something.

On top of that, there are reports about the movie already starting to cast new members. This means we might not be that far from an official announcement.

They will not have problems with the story, as there are many more novels from the same series to adapt to TV.

When is the Enola Holmes sequel starting to film?

It is really hard to say anything about when the movie is going to start filming. Unfortunately, it does not seem soon. Even though Henry Cavill finished filming The Witcher season 2, which’s coming to Netflix this year, Millie Bobby Brown is still busy filming Stranger Things season 4. The filming of Stranger Things Season 4 is not going to end soon according to Gaten Matarazzo. This means we still have to wait for a long time for the Enola Holmes sequel to start filming.

They will probably start filming the Enola Holmes sequel after the star Millie Bobby Brown finishes working on the new season of Stranger Things.

Who are in the cast of the Enola Holmes sequel?

There is not any official announcement on the cast members, but we’ve encountered some reports about it. Stars Millie Bobby Brown and Henry Cavill are strongly expected to be in the cast. On top of that, reports are holding that Henry Cavill will play more in the sequel than the original movie. Also, Millie Bobby Brown earlier reported that she would love to play in a sequel.

There will most probably be new additions to the cast. However, we don’t know anything about it yet. There is yet to be even any rumor about that. We’ll let you know should something new happens.

What is the release date of Enola Holmes 2?

Netflix is not likely at all to start filming by the end of this year, let alone releasing it. Assuming that filming will start by the end of this summer, we can guesstimate a possible release date of 2022. However, there is so little information to base our assumptions on right now. We’ll have to wait for Netflix to announce something official.

While waiting for the sequel, you can check out the trailer of the first movie below. You can also check out everything that we know about Millie Bobby Brown’s other movie, The Thing About Jellyfish.

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