The Thing About Jellyfish: Everything we know about Netflix’s Millie Bobby Brown movie

The Thing About Jellyfish: Everything we know about Netflix’s Millie Bobby Brown movie

Here is everything we know about the Millie Bobby Brown movie The Thing About Jellyfish, which Netflix has recently picked up.

Millie Bobby Brown is looking to expand her cinematography by playing in different works. Earning great fame with her great performance in Stranger Things, Brown has many fans all around the world. Therefore, producers want to have Brown in their works both for her fame and talent. She reportedly had talks with Marvel and DC which she didn’t feel right about.

She has been working on a new movie called The Thing About Jellyfish. The movie has been in development since 2015 in Universal. Netflix picked up that film which is now going to be released as their original work. There is not much information about The Thing About Jellyfish starring Millie Bobby Brown yet. However, here is everything that we know about that movie.

What is the story of The Thing About Jellyfish?

The movie is based on a novel of the same name. A critically acclaimed 2015 children’s novel by Ali Benjamin, the book is about the story of Suzy Swanson. She is a seventh-grade girl who tries to figure out how her close friend Franny Jackson actually dies. Suzy and Franny kind of fall out after Franny decides to hang out with a more popular group. Suzy is an introverted person though, and this leads the duo not to talk to each other as much as they did before. After two years of falling out, Franny dies because of a ‘jellyfish sting’. Suzy keeps to herself after that and she comes up with many theories as to how it could happen.

Cast and crew of The Thing About Jellyfish

The only actor that we know will play in the movie is Millie Bobby Brown. She’ll be the protagonist and the narrator Suzy Swanson. Given how he pulled off her introverted girl role in Stranger Things, it seems pretty likely that Brown will perform perfectly.

Kenyan director Wanuri Kahiu, known for her work on Rafiki, which is the first LGBTQ+ movie of Kenya, is the director of the movie. The scriptwriter of the movie will be Molly Smith Metzler. Metzler previously worked on “Shameless” and “Orange Is The New Black”.

Gigi PritzkerBruna Papandrea, and Reese Witherspoon are the producers of The Thing About Jellyfish.

What is the release date of The Thing About Jellyfish?

There is not an official announcement with a possible release window. The film still seems to be in the early stages of its production. So, we’ll have to wait for more to hear about the updates.

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