(Video) Nancy and Robin Becoming #Ronance in ‘Stranger Things’ 4 Is Everything You Need

(Video) Nancy and Robin Becoming #Ronance in ‘Stranger Things’ 4 Is Everything You Need

We haven’t seen Nancy have a single friend since season 1 when Barb was killed. So it was nice that the Duffer Brothers gave us an unlikely team – Nancy and Robin. The two girls are polar opposites but hey who doesn’t love a strong female friendship? Dustin and Steve are going strong and we might have another pairing to root for in the next season! 

Nancy took time to warm up to Robin

It was Robin that suggested that the two girls stick together, giving Steve the babysitting responsibility again. Nancy was at first irked with Robin’s constant chatter but eventually warmed up to her. After all, it was because of Robin’s geeky instincts that they found some clue about Vecna in the library. Also, it was Robin’s presence of mind that got them the 10 minutes with the high-security psychiatric patient, Victor Creel. 

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The shift to a nickname

The two girls worked well together as a team. They went from “you’re a weird runner” to “Nancy is a genius”. In fact, it was Nancy that suggested that they investigate the Creel house together and Robin sided with Nancy when Dustin questioned her methods. Robin even started calling her Nance and not Nancy and it’s only the people closest to her who get to call her that. 

We now hope that these two become best friends and Nancy really needs one! We are rooting for you #RONANCE!

In Stranger Things, season 4 Volume 1 Robin, Eddie, and Nancy enter the Upside Down after Steve is sucked into it. They save Steve but Nancy is still harboring guilt for killing Barb. And Vecna loves trauma and guilt. He immediately puts his spell on Nancy. Even in the finale episode, Nancy is unable to break out of his spell. The gang has already found a way to survive. The victim’s favorite song is the only way to break Vecna’s curse. But what is her favorite song? Will she join Vecna or can she break out of that terrible hellscape? 

Find out when Volume 2 releases on July 1.

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