These Blistering Facts About Netflix’s ‘The Ultimatum’ Will Knock Your Socks Off

These Blistering Facts About Netflix’s ‘The Ultimatum’ Will Knock Your Socks Off

Fans loved the Netflix dating show The Ultimatum. Who doesn’t like an inside look into a couple’s journey as they make probably the most important decisions of their lives, but what will you say if we tell you that we have a few exciting trivia for you that will make the hit show even better for you? So here are some interesting facts that will make your re-watching sessions of the show great.

Surprising facts about The Ultimatum on Netflix

How did the show find its contestants?

So, according to their social media, someone from The Ultimatum stated, “Hey, we have a dating show we want you to go on.

Madlyn, Colby, Alexis, Hunter, and Randall all stated that they were contacted via Instagram DMs. The show’s creator, Chris Coelen, admitted that locating couples at this time in their relationship was difficult.  They had to narrow down one place before locating the cast members, so they chose Austin, Texas, since it “sounded cool,” according to Chris.

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The casting team then goes around the cities and gets on social media, much as on Love Is Blind. They also went into pubs and other places to look for individuals, according to reports.

Randall and Shanique still together?

Randall and Shanique split up after shooting The Ultimatum, as we learned from the reunion episode. He explained why, stating that he had experienced a lot of loss and found it difficult to give his best in their relationship. They’re back together now, and they’re stronger than they’ve ever been! They’ve even moved in together.

Are the contestants still in touch with each other after The Ultimatum Reunion on Netflix?

Surprisingly, Colby claims that the group chat is still going strong after Rae and Zay’s massive fight during the reunion. Alexis and Hunter are said to maintain in touch with Rae, Zay, and Randall, while Shanique and Randall confess that Rae and Jake are excellent friends. They discuss their relationships and share some “goofy” stuff in the group chat, according to Colby.

What happened between Shanique and Zay?

The reunion episode of the show didn’t really explain what happened between Shanique and Zae. The viewers were essentially allowed to make their own decisions, although Randall has since emphasized that they did not have intercourse. He also revealed that no one from the cast had crossed that line with other people’s relationships, as far as he knows.

These facts really do excite us for the next season of The Ultimatum. Meanwhile, let us know which fact shocked you the most in the comments below.

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