Madlyn Clarifies Why Fans Think She Hated Colby in ‘The Ultimatum’: “I’m very meticulous and can be nitpicky”

Madlyn Clarifies Why Fans Think She Hated Colby in ‘The Ultimatum’: “I’m very meticulous and can be nitpicky”

Netflix’s hit reality dating show The Ultimatum recently concluded. The show was full of drama and craziness. But a much respite from the emotions was the happy ending that Colby and Madlyn got. However, them tying the knot was one of the most surprising wins of the show. As many thought, Madlyn did not like Colby anymore.

So while talking about why her supposed dislike came across during the show’s journey, Madlyn spoke about her nature and her experience on the show.

Most surprising couple of The Ultimatum

Since he was ready for marriage, Colby handed Madlyn an ultimatum. Madlyn was terrified of commitment. But she also openly attacked him in interviews and with other cast members, rolling her eyes when he kissed her. While on a date with Randall Griffin, Madlyn says, “He annoys me.”

However, since their term has ended on the show, Madlyn has talked about why fans would think she hated her husband, Colby.  She says that she was being completely honest to the premise of the show, where both positives as well as the negatives had to be discussed.

“I’m very meticulous and can be nitpicky,” Madlyn says about herself. She also says that sometimes Colby was kind of overbearing, and she felt things needed to mellow down between them, which used to annoy her.

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Madlyn also adds that she should have treated Colby as generously and frankly as he treated her. She also mentioned that she had previously been uncomfortable about doing so since it might not have come across as cool.

Where is the happy couple now?

Well, you know as they say all’s well that ends well. That is what happened to Colby and Madlyn. They may not have had the cute romantic story with Colby having to issue an ultimatum.

But they did work their differences out. And as revealed in the reunion episode on Netflix. Colby and Madlyn are happily married and are expecting their first child together.

Did you think Madlyn would marry Coby or not? Let us know your answers in the comments below.

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