The Witcher season 2 is finally done filming

The Witcher season 2 is finally done filming

After a long and bumpy road, Netflix‘s original fantasy series The Witcher finally wraps up the filming production of season 2.

The Witcher is a Netflix series that’s based on the novels and games of the same name. When it premiered back in December 2019, not only did it manage to rack up some great viewer numbers on Netflix, but it also helped The Witcher game to be played more on the gaming platforms. The Witcher series was a huge success, which was followed by the announcement of a spin-off named The Witcher: Blood Origin and a second season. And it seems the filming process of The Witcher’s second season is finally finished.

The Witcher season 2 wraps up filming

The series led-star Henry Cavill was injured during the production of the season, and that delayed the process a bit. The pandemic is also among the reasons why the filming of The Witcher season 2 has been rather slow. It has finally finished though, as The Witcher‘s makeup artist shared on Instagram.

The Witcher season 2 is finally done filming


The Witcher’s makeup artist Jacqueline Rathore shared a story on Instagram with a board, on which the only thing was a takeaway menu. “We are wrapped on The Witcher 2!!,” she said. In the story that followed her first, Rathore explained that was a lie, and the official date for wrapping was tomorrow. Anyways, we know that The Witcher season 2 is done with its filming process.

As we get one step closer to the release of the second season, there is some hot news from The Witcher’s universe. We have recently learned a new lead actor for the spin-off The Witcher: Blood Origin. Laurence O’Fuarain, who played in Game of Thrones and Vikings, will be taking an important role in the next Witcher series. If you’re not that interested in the spin-off and want to hear from the actual The Witcher series, the showrunner Hissrich has recently had some important things to say about season 2.

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