‘The Witcher’ Goes Home Big at the BAFTA TV Awards

‘The Witcher’ Goes Home Big at the BAFTA TV Awards

The Witcher is turning out to be a successful project for Netflix. The show has time and again proven to be a worthy contender to other fantasy shows like Game of Thrones, not just in terms of financial success. But for also bagging awards, accolades, and critical acclaim.

The Witcher has again made Netflix proved by winning big at the BAFTA TV. Let us take a look at all the awards won by The Witcher and other Netflix Originals.

The Witcher goes home big at BAFTA TV

Netflix was heavily praised in the BAFTA TV 2022 awards, bagging multiple nominations for multiple shows. However, The Witcher turned out to be victorious in two out of the three well-deserving nominations.

It was recently revealed that Netflix received three nominations for their high-budget fantasy drama show in the BAFTA TV awards. Nominations included Sound: Fiction, Special, Visual And & Graphic Effects category, and Makeup & Hair Design. Well, The Witcher has won in two of the categories, as mentioned earlier.

Apart from losing in the Sound: Fiction category, the show went home with awards in the VFX and Makeup category. It is great to see Netflix’s amount of effort and budget into shows like The Witcher getting appreciated.

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However, The Witcher was not the only Netflix show to win last night.

Sex Education

Leading the nominations for Netflix was not The Witcher but Sex Education. The British teen comedy was nominated in 5 categories. And as of now, it has won in three of those categories.

Winning in EMERGING TALENT: FICTION was Runyararo Mapfumo (Director), PHOTOGRAPHY & LIGHTING: FICTION was Oli Russell, and finally in SCRIPTED CASTING was Lauren Evans.

Bear in mind that these are the TV Craft and that the BAFTA TV Awards will take place on Sunday 8 May. Sex Education is further nominated for two BAFTA’s that evening, Female and Male Performance In A Comedy Programme.

Let us know in the comments if you feel that Netflix will win more awards in May? Do consider that many hit Netflix shows like Squid Game are yet to win.

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