The Walking Dead All Seasons Storyline Alternatives

The Walking Dead All Seasons Storyline Alternatives

If you are a type of person who also reads the books of adapted shows, then you also know that story transitions don’t always match up exactly in shows. The production usually changes some of the characters, plots, and more in order to adapt the work properly for the screens. So the quality of the adaptation depends on how well-crafted the story is handled compared to its source as well. All of these are also valid for The Walking Dead as well since it is also based on a comic book series of the same name by Robert Kirkman, Tony Moore, and Charlie Adlard.

The adaptation of The Walking Dead seems to be managed successfully till now. This is mostly because the original writer of the book Robert Kirkman also continues to involve the post-apocalyptic horror show as an executive producer. But still, the past 10 seasons have also gone through many changes and shocked the fans along the way, although the writer remains the same. So we wanted to dig into some of those changes with you.

What are the story changes of ‘The Walking Dead’ series?

Surprising lineup scene

We already know from the comics that Glenn would die eventually. What was different between storylines is actually how it all happened. While Glenn is the only dead in the comics line, Negan also kills Abraham too in the show, before Daryl lashes out Glenn and so he kills him.

Carl lives and Morgan dies instead

Another surprise was Carl Grimes’ death in season 8, as many comics’ fans were waiting for Morgan to die. According to original source, Carl should have lived instead of dying from a walker bite, while Morgan is supposed to die and not able to even make it to the story’s battle with Negan.

Daryl and Beth don’t actually exist

Even though he is one of the most favorite characters on The Walking Dead, Daryl Dixon doesn’t really exist on the original source. And also Beth Greene doesn’t include to the original story just like Daryl, too. So, all these mean that the storylines involving both of them were new materials for the show.

New Relationships

So, if we consider Daryl doesn’t even exist in the comics of The Walking Dead, this also means there wouldn’t suppose to be a ‘Caryl’ either. Also another couple of the show, Rick and Michonne aren’t together in the comics at all.

New Villains

Whisperers leader Alpha, Negan, and the Governor are all from the comics, while the Wolves, the Termites, and among others don’t even exist in it.

Lori has a much darker death

Rick’s wife Lori has died tragically during giving birth to her baby, Judith in The Walking Dead season 3. But this isn’t how she dies in the comics, though. She actually dies along with her daughter when the Governor attacks the prison instead of dying in childbirth. So, the change of her end does really makes sense, since it would have been really brutal and sad to see them die like that.

Dwight was supposed to stick around longer

Comics’ storyline has actually Dwight much longer than he even sticks around till the point The Walking Dead is currently about to arrive, Commonwealth arc. But it seems he chose to draw a new path to himself and leave TWD to join its spinoff, Fear the Walking Dead.

Carol is not that badass at all

While she is a total badass and has a big group of fans, Carol Peletier is actually not that type of person to be admitted to in comics. Why? She allows a walker to consume her till death despite her strong and badass character everyone knows and loves.

The unexpected death of Andrea

According to the comics, Andrea is supposed to be the group’s sharpshooter and get together with Rick instead of wound up with the Governor and die in the third season’s final of The Walking Dead. This surprising death of her got really bristled by many fans as she was expected to live much longer.

So what do you think about those changes? Were they really necessary to be done at all? Tell us your opinions and add more of them along with your thoughts. And you might also want to take a look at the revealed hints for the final season of The Walking Dead if you still haven’t seen it.

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