‘The Ultimatum’ Fans Sum up the Netflix Show In One Picture With Amusing Reasons and Banter

‘The Ultimatum’ Fans Sum up the Netflix Show In One Picture With Amusing Reasons and Banter

When The Ultimatum premiered on Netflix, the audience took notice of the metallic wine glasses, which looks eerily the same as the goblets used in Love is Blind. The only difference is that the new show used silver glasses while the pod dating show uses them in gold. The cast uses these glasses in every drink scene in both shows. This isn’t surprising since the two dating shows have much in common. From the creator, Chris Coelen, to the hosts Nick Lachey and Vanessa Lachey. And now the cups have joined the force and fans were quick to notice.

In The Ultimatum, couples who are on the brink of breakup give their partner an ultimatum: either marry or move on. The couples get eight weeks to decide if they want their original partner or not. Admittedly, the couples (and their drama) are the focus of the show, but an unexpected star emerged from the show: metal wine glasses. The silver cups in the show caught everyone’s eyes, making fans wonder if the show was sponsored by a metal ware manufacturer.


Silver wine glasses from The Ultimatum

We first saw the infamous metal glasses in Love is Blind where the cast used gold wine glasses everywhere. Now, The Ultimatum has similar glasses in silver color. This left fans (and us) wondering: Did they just spray paint these glasses for the new show?

It’s hard to ignore because the silver glasses are in every scene of every episode of The Ultimatum. They were even successful in bringing the goblets to a restaurant!

Every time any member from the show takes a sip from their drink, it is from the silver glasses. It seems these glasses are the unofficial mascot of the show, becoming a unique thing we know both the shows for.

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Turns out that’s exactly what Coelen intended to with the metal goblets.

In conversation with Variety, creator, Chris Coelen, was asked about the gold glasses seen everywhere on Love is Blind. This was his response:“It’s something I like. When you turn on the show, you know it’s our show.”

What’s more? Coelen intended to form a connection between the two shows with similar-looking glasses. “The silver goblets in The Ultimatum are an homage to the gold goblets in Love Is Blind. We think the goblets are a subtle but fun way to tie the elements of each show together,” he told Today Food.

However, there’s another explanation, as well. The metal glasses ensure uniformity in scenes. What we see are edits and clips from hours and hours of footage.


During this time, contestants would have consumed their drink, which could be seen in a regular wine glass. So, with metal glasses creators of both shows can ensure they get a seemingly seamless episode.

Fans reaction on The Ultimatum’s silver wine cup

Did you notice these glasses in both the shows? What are your theories about their existence in both shows?

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