The Power Of The Dog On Netflix : Kirsten Dunst Looks Back On Her Best Films

The Power Of The Dog On Netflix : Kirsten Dunst Looks Back On Her Best Films

Kirsten Dunst, a name we have known for a long time. We all have witnessed her journey from a child actor to teenager to young adult and now a full-grown actress. With her charm, she has explored a lot of distinct characters throughout her career. In Jane Campion’s western The Power of the Dog, Kirsten Dunst gave her one of the best performances of her life. She is even the current forerunner for Best Supporting Actress for Oscars in 2022. The New Jersey actress has been in the industry for three decades and gave back to back amazing performances from her childhood.

Kirsten Dunst’s The Power of the Dog

The Power of the Dog is inspired by the novel of Thomas Savage, directed by Jane Campion, and starring Cumberbatch as Phil, Jesse Plemons as George, and Kirsten Dunst as Rose. The film centered on Phil, a ranch owner from Montana, who is sadistic by nature. All his life, he has controlled his brother, George. But when George met Rose, he impulsively marries her. Phil becomes furious at George’s act and sets out to destroy Rose.

George loves and adores Rose. But little did she know what was waiting for her in the future. Rose’s vulnerability and innocence are baits that Phil can use against her. For Phil’s domineering nature, Rose finds comfort in alcohol just to cope up with him. She only mutters a line, as though Dunst believes it, “He’s just a man.”

The film has received positive critical reviews for Kirsten Dunst’s performance. After being nominated for Oscars, she claims, “I was so high on the experience with crippling exhaustion inside.”

She also added, “I don’t really think about it too much because I just can’t. So it feels like if I get nominated or something like that, incredible. But if not, I got to work with Jane Campion. That trumps any other thing to me.”

The film is streaming on Netflix from December 1st, 2021.

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Best films by Kirsten Dunst

The New Jersey actress started her career three decades ago, at the age of eight, as the adorable daughter of Tom Hanks and Kim Cattrall in The Bonfire of the Vanities. Netflix has recently tweeted a video named The Playback, where Dunst looks back to her career. With her amazing acting in Interview with Vampires in 1994, she did not have to look back. This was her first breakout role. She recalls the old day, and explains, “I remember I was the tallest of all the young girls. Tom Cruise had to pick every one of us and carry us around. Just to see how we looked against Tom and who looked the most childlike, I guess.”

She added, “I heard Tom whispering to me “tuck your legs under” so that I’d look as tiny as possible. So, I know he was kind of rooting for me and we were both from New Jersey… he was like “let this Jersey girl have it.”

The next film was Drop Dead Gorgeous, which is very close to Dunst’s heart. She claims, “I was so obsessed with the script”. A rebellious teen movie The Virgin Suicides. She claims this film had given her a lot of confidence at that age and for the first time “I was seen as like a beautiful woman.”

Bring It On, brings out her comical nature as a peppy cheerleader. She explains, “I always really like doing comedies, and Bring It On was an opportunity for me to do something that was like my age.”

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