The ‘Love is Blind’ Cast Share their Regrets After the Finale

The ‘Love is Blind’ Cast Share their Regrets After the Finale

Love is Blind cast members commit to each other in a matter of 10 days. The social experiment does rush the dating and the marriage plans, and while it worked for others, it was a disaster for some.  Recently, the cast members came together to discuss their regrets. On March 9th, TheThings Reality released a video where the cast can be seen having fun and sharing some details. Let us dive into it and see what they had to say. 

Love is Blind cast talks about their regrets

Kyle’s mistake

“It’s a big waste of time”, said Kyle on Love is Blind Reunion when he blurted he should have asked out Deepti instead. Kyle’s atheist views didn’t sit well with Shaina’s Christian upbringing. 

Shaina and Kyle

Unsure of their compatibility she introduced him to her family in hopes to get some advice from them. As it turned out, their romance wasn’t meant to be. 

Natalie regrets getting engaged to Shayne

A fight the night before the marriage caused irresistible damage to their relationship. This led to a tearful Natalie calling off the marriage.  

Shayne mixed-up names and made it official when he was still hungover Shaina

Natalie immediately deflated after Shayne called her the wrong name in the pods. He made another blunder when he made Natalie his girlfriend, while he clearly wanted to be with Shaina. However, he admitted his mistake and for playing the victim.  

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Jarett and Mallory regret their conversation

While on the show he had a deeply emotional conversation with Mallory. Jarrett admitted that he cringed at that. Meanwhile, Mallory revealed she was too drunk at that time.

Iyanna wasn’t open in her communication with Jarrett

Iyanna was self-conscious and unsure of Jarrett’s feelings for her and Mallory. 

Shake should have regrets

Shake likes being a prick and has no regrets for insulting Deepti. While Deepti hopes that she was more vulnerable on the show.

A curious Nick ended up rubbing Love is Blind contestants the wrong way

Nick looked back and realized that he needs to be less straightforward and more diplomatic in his approaches. 

Danielle’s insecurity hindered her romance initially

Having realized how it hindered her, she stopped feeling negative about herself. 

Shaina held back her feelings

She was too afraid to be honest about her feelings. That was a huge mistake on her part that led to all the drama between her, Natalie and Shayne.

Sal was too rigid

Sal and Mal tried to work it out, but Sal’s lack of emotions caused them to drift apart. The two called it quits soon after.

Did you like the show? What do you think about the cast’s regrets?

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