Netflix’s Billboard Made The Adam Project Stars Ryan Reynolds and Mark Ruffalo a Part of a Hilarious Twitter Exchange

Netflix’s Billboard Made The Adam Project Stars Ryan Reynolds and Mark Ruffalo a Part of a Hilarious Twitter Exchange

With just a day standing between us and one of the biggest science-fiction movies of this year, we are truly hyped for the release. The marvelous ensemble of actors, marvelous story, an outstanding director, and a studio that produces masterpieces—there’s much to look forward to in the movie. Netflix’s The Adam Project will arrive at our screens tomorrow. And just one day before the big day, we had two of the actors indulge in what you can call a hilarious exchange of tweets.

If we sit down and try to list out the names of the funniest celebrities on the internet, Ryan Reynolds will undoubtedly sit at the top of that list. The man has had an online presence that is influential enough to change tides. Even so, he is also the one who sends out the most hilarious tweets daily. In one such event, The Adam Project star, along with his co-star Mark Ruffalo, ended up making the whole internet laugh. And it all started with a single tweet from Netflix.

Mark Ruffalo was hoping to keep The Adam Project detail a secret

Netflix has been pretty creative with its advertising, more so after introducing those signature billboards. Keeping that tradition alive, the streaming giant’s official Twitter handle posted a picture of the billboard that read: “Ryan Reynolds is Mark Ruffalo’s little boy.” And the caption read, “To be fair, I had been calling Mark Ruffalo “daddy” way before watching The Adam Project“.

Well, then it was time for the daddy to reply to this himself. Mark Ruffalo tweeted that he hoped to keep this little detail about The Adam Project a secret, but he was helpless now. However, he said that he is proud of his son Adam aka Ryan Reynolds.

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Ryan Reynolds irritated over the “daddy” remark

While the internet was having a laugh at Netflix’s cheeky tweet, a certain someone was not happy. It seems like Ryan Reynolds wanted to keep this detail between his close confidants, and now the cat is out of the bag. The Deadpool actor called it a “defecation” of his character. Well, we all know that these are just jokes, but it is still so wholesome to see these stars being so involved in their projects. We are all glad to witness them working together on such a beautiful project.

The Adam Project releases on March 11, 2022, stream it on Netflix worldwide!


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