The Adam Project Ending Explained: To Hope and Time Travel

The Adam Project Ending Explained: To Hope and Time Travel

To quote Andy Dufresne: “Hope is a good thing, maybe the best of the things. And good thing never dies.” Human existence is clung to hope. We all hope for a better tomorrow, and more than that, we hope for a happy ending. Netflix’s The Adam Project may be a great sci-fi adventure with a bittersweet ending. However, just like all things, it ends with Hope.

But when Hope is mixed with the complex science of Time Traveling, things can get pretty confusing for the fans. But do not worry. We are here to explain the ending of The Adam Project and give you hope too. First of all, let us see what happened at the end of the incredible time-traveling film by Shawn Levy.

The Adam Project final showdown

If you haven’t seen The Adam Project, what are you doing? The film has the Hulk, Gamora, and Deadpool sharing the screen. Go watch it right now. But if you still want to go ahead, then read at your discretion as major spoilers ahead.

The film’s climax starts to take shape when the two Adams and their father Loius head down to Louis’ lab where he and his partner Maya (Catherine Keener). Created the prototype of time traveling with electromagnetic technology together. But as soon as the trio is about to destroy the prototype and stop 2050 Maya from abusing the tech. Future Maya appears! Sending fans into a complete shock.

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Now the two Mayas have the tree Adams at gunpoint(funny, right!). Let’s wrap it up now.

The electromagnetic prototype is breached and will be destroyed. Now to re-create the tech Future Maya needs the research of Louis that exists on a hard drive. To get the hard drive from Louis, she pulls the trigger to kill him. But as we all know, a bullet is made up of metal and is drawn to the electromagnetic chamber where 2022 or present Maya is standing and hits her. Now Maya(s) are dead and no time travel. Meaning everything after 2018, including the Adams, will cease to exist. But wait.

There is still Hope

As we said in the beginning, The Adam Project has hope. After everything is done and we return to the present 2022 timeline. We get a few discussions that might indicate a happy ending. First, while young Adam is leaving for school and brushes off her mom( the incredible yet underused Jennifer Garner), something just miraculously hits Adam( could be his future older self), and he runs back to give her mom a long hug.

And in the final scene of the film. We are in the physics class with Adam where Laura walks in and sits right next to him! And she is in the wrong class. ( did we tell you that Adam lost Laura to time traveling, well now you know). Laura works in computational linguistics and Adam insists on walking her to the right class, perhaps they will find each other(again).

What do you think about The Adam Projects ending? Do the Adams get a happy ending or not? Let us know in the comments below.

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