The Adam Project Director Shawn Levy Wants to Try His Hands at Directing an MCU or a Star Wars Movie

The Adam Project Director Shawn Levy Wants to Try His Hands at Directing an MCU or a Star Wars Movie

Shawn Levy, the man behind the ambitious Netflix movie, The Adam Project wants to direct an MCU or a Star Wars movie next. He has already proved his mettle, having been associated with many hits in the past including Free Guy. He even received a Best Picture nomination at the Academy Awards for Arrival.

I appreciate that. I certainly find both the Star Wars and Marvel universes compelling. It would have to be the right moment, the right story, but those would definitely be tantalizing opportunities,” he told Screen Rant.

Why would Shawn Levy be the perfect choice for an MCU movie? 

Initially starting out with comedy movies, Levy’s strength mostly lies in the comedy genre. It wasn’t until 2011 that he would make a sci-fi movie, Real Steel. MCU’s latest movies all combine humor with superhero action and he is the perfect guy for it! Even Star Wars have started incorporating light moments within the universe to make it more enjoyable. 

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What’s next for him? 

Levi’s done with directing for this year. He has an array of projects lined up, from Cheaper by Dozen remake to Stranger Things season 4. The director will be serving as a producer in all the above-mentioned projects. 

He also confessed to wanting to “keep making movies that refuse to be only one thing, that is a hybrid of heart and laughter and spectacle because those are my favorite kinds of movies.” He feels such movies don’t get made much anymore and feels lucky that he has “been able to make two in a row that are also original. And I don’t ever take that for granted either.

The Adam Project: Reunion with Ryan Reynolds 

The sci-fi film marks Levy’s reunion with the Red Notice star. He has directed him in Free Guy before. The Adam Project is about a futuristic pilot who time travels to 2022 from 2050. There he meets his younger self and late dad and together the trio tries to overcome all odds to save the world. The film debuts on Netflix on March 11. 

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