“That was shocking news to me”- Sadie Sink Was Surprised to Know That Max Was Originally Meant to Die in Season 4

“That was shocking news to me”- Sadie Sink Was Surprised to Know That Max Was Originally Meant to Die in Season 4

The redhead star of Stranger Things, Sadie Sink is making waves for her performance in The Whale. Darren Aronofsky’s project pairs her opposite Branden Fraser. Critics have highly commended her performance in the emotional drama, but fans of the Duffer brothers’ show would know that she was shining brightly ever since her turn as Max Mayfield. 

Sink made her entry or rather begged and pleaded to enter the Hawkins world. Deemed too old, the producers quickly ate their words when the actress turned in a splendid performance in season 4. Although the show is often criticized for not killing off its main characters, we and Sadie both were surprised to learn that Max was not supposed to make it.

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Sadie Sink expressed her shock at learning about Max’s death in the original script 

In season 4, Max bravely faces Vecna to save her friends. Although Eleven does come for her, she is a little too late. By the time she reaches into her subconsciousness to talk to her, she finds herself in a black void. Max is left brain-dead after Vecna’s attack.

However, it is implied that she still lives in a coma. The ending was devastating, but the reveal later that Max was not supposed to live was way more shocking. Duffer brothers recently revealed that in an interview. During a chat with Entertainment Tonight, Max actor Sadie Sink revealed how she was completely flabbergasted by that piece of information. 

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“That was shocking news to me”, she said before adding, “I understand. When you’re in a show like this, that’s kinda what you are in for. You don’t know if you are gonna make it.” That makes sense because in shows like Stranger Things where the stakes are so high, it’s incredible that most of the cast are still alive.

The Duffers have already revealed their plans for season 5. Whether that includes a live Max or not, we are not sure. Now it seems that brain-dead Max is better than no Max altogether. Don’t you think? 



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