Stranger Things season 4 will not be on Netflix this May

Stranger Things season 4 will not be on Netflix this May

Stranger Things season 4 is expectedly not going to be on Netflix this May, but when can we finally watch it?

The pandemic affected many major productions all around the world. This was, unfortunately, more intense on Stranger Things season 4, for which the fans have been waiting for such a long time.

They were actually planning to release the next season of Stranger Things in early 2021. With that release date, we might have been waiting for the fifth season after finishing the fourth now. However, the pandemic did not let Netflix take action that quickly.

We were not expecting Stranger Things season 4 to be released on Netflix this month. However, that possibility now is fully shut down by the list Netflix shared. We learned that Stranger Things season 4 is not going to be on Netflix in May 2021. The new season is not among the list of productions coming this month to the popular streaming service.

What is the release date of Stranger Things season 4?

Unfortunately, the new season is not coming to Netflix soon. The crew has not made a good amount of process yet, according to Stranger Things star Gaten Matarazzo. He said there were very few reliable dates. The cast is not sure about when they’re going to wrap up filming. When we also take into account the post-production, it’s apparent that we still have a long time to wait for.

However, another star from Stranger Things, namely Finn Wolfhard, gave us a release window. Even though that window is rather broad, we learned something. Stranger Things season 4 is probably coming in 2022. By this announcement of Stranger Things’ Jake, we lost our hopes of the new season releasing in 2021.

If you want more Stranger Things content, the stars have been under the spotlight for some weeks now. That’s especially the case for Millie Bobby Brown. She has recently denied the rumors going on about a spin-off called Eleven. She also had a weird behind-the-scenes conversation with David Harbour, who plays Jim Hopper in the series. Apparently, Harbour was reading some lines from the script which he was not supposed to read in those conversations.

In addition to all those, you can check out some bloopers from season 3 that Netflix shared earlier.

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