Squid Game Behind the Scenes: Seung GI-Hun Says, “The Set Was Almost Dream-Like, We Were Busy Taking Pictures”

Squid Game Behind the Scenes: Seung GI-Hun Says, “The Set Was Almost Dream-Like, We Were Busy Taking Pictures”

Who does not want Squid Game BTS after binging the show in one go? Obviously, everybody wants to know how what went on behind the camera to churn out this giant show.

Squid Game became a global phenomenon within a couple of weeks of its release on Netflix. Fans are going crazy about how the creators made children’s games into deadly survival competitions. It completely gets us hooked, and we all have binge-watched it in one go. As we wait for the second season, Netflix posted a behind-the-scenes video for our love towards the show.

This Korean show is the first non-English series that is steaming hot on Netflix globally for weeks now. Hwang Dong-hyuk had originally planned the show in 2008 or 2009 as a survival competition. It took almost 12 years to turn it into reality and the result is indeed spectacular. The director of Squid Game said, “We thought a new series about survival games with more Korean characteristics would be fun”.

Behind the scenes of Squid Game

Art director, Chae Kyoung-sun said that the set needed to be more realistic, so the audiences feel that they are also a part of this deadly game. “Aesthetically speaking, we created the places and displays, trying to make the viewers think about the hidden intentions of Squid Game,” said Chae Kyoung-sun. It is like a children’s game on a deathbed.

This Korean series is taking all over Netflix. The fresh unique plot, with a combination of horror and thrill, has become very appealing to fans all over the world.

The plot develops around people who are financially broken or in miserable debt. They are invited to a deadly competition to play a survival game. Whoever wins takes a huge amount of money and whoever loses dies. Failure is not an option in this competition.

The Squid Game BTS video by Netflix is a treat to all the fans worldwide. We got to listen to the characters and the makers themselves talk about the experience of making this big show.

Park Hae-soo who plays the role of Cho Sang-woo (218) explained, “Someone had to die. And I had to kill someone in order to live. That kind of mental decision.”

Lee Jung-Jae, who plays Gi-hun (456) admitted that they were unprepared for the experience of filming on that set. They made most of the sets according to the scenes, which take weeks to build. Seung Gi-hun says, “The set was almost dream-like, we were busy taking pictures”

The games which are shown in the show are actual games that are very popular in Korea. Art Director Chae said, “The first game, ‘Red Light, Green Light,’ was a kids’ game mostly played in the alleys back in the ’70s and ’80s. We referred to the illustrations of Cheolsoo and Younghee from textbooks back then when making the robot. The robot was actually built.”

This children’s game came up with an interesting twist, which makes the fans unsettle for a bit.

Hwang said, “That’s the story of Squid Game we intended. It seems that all that’s left for the participants is just despair, fear, anger, and sadness. But like the outside world, they were living in, they don’t lose humanity or hope for that humanity. So this is like Pandora’s Box.”

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